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Thursday, October 30, 2008

li'l pumps

Tonight we carved baby pumpkins. These are great. Super easy to scoop out. 
(Just one or two passes with an ice cream scooper.)
But I do recommend that if you carve them, you light them without their lids. 
Because they will burn. 
But then again, burnt pumpkin smells pretty good. 


Jodi said...

What a great job you guys did! So much detail on such a little pumpkin.

One more day to go. Looking forward to seeing your costume!

Glenda said...

im new to this kind of stuff (im italian)
i saw u last sat @ the Masquerade but i didnt have a chance to congratulate personally. I especially like Nunu


Laura Caçoeiro said...

Must have been a nice smell of pumpkin burned on the house ... LoL

I would like to have your patience and talent to make these decorations. I am really bad in this kind of things.

Thomas said...

Jorge i never met a pumpkin freak like you! you are crazy! ;P they look great...
Can't wait to see your costume, tomorrow.

Wiconsin Gardener said...

Sprinkle a little cinnamon and nutmeg on the lid so the house will smell like pumpkin pie?

Dr Mum said...

It looks like your power soul vegetable is The Pumpkin....or is it a fruit??
Do you have a favourite piece of pumpkin music??

groovymom said...

These are WAY up there on the CUTE scale. Around here they call those "pie pumpkins" - and I never would have thought of carving them.

Now it's time to micro-carve those itsy bitsy little gourds that look like pumpkins! :o)

TidbitsandBits said...

I never thought about carving lil pumpkins, what a great idea! They turned out great! I especially love the skull and crossbones one. Are they carved all the way through or did you just carve into the sides a litte bit so the light would shine through?

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

great idea, wisconsin gardener!

see, us wisconsin people are clever ones :)

IslandPearl said...

As much as I'm wowed by all your artistry, I was especially pleased to see at least one classic triangles-for-eyes/jaggedy grin pumpkin in the bunch. Yay for tradition!

Every year on Halloween, an architect firm in my building holds a pumpkin carving competition and the results are displayed in our lobby (the ASB Building on Bishop Square downtown, if you are interested).

I haven't seen any there that compare to yours!

heather said...

fshew...i was about to yell "but burny pumpkin lid is one of the best smells on the planet!", and then i scrolled down. :)

Hoku said...

One item you haven't touched on yet... what do you do with all the seeds? Do you sprinkle them with salt (Hawaiian salt, preferably) and bake them? We used to do that. OMG you would have had enough seeds to sell by this time, with all those pumpkins you carved!

chrissy scartissue said...

awww i love thisss pumpkinnn^^are cooolll!!!

Dolphin Boy said...

Toast/bake the seeds! good stuff.

Josephine Ocean said...

A king of pumpkins! =)

Happy Halloween!!!!

James Hernandez said...


What are you doing with seeds? I agree with Dolphin Boy that toasted pumpkin seeds are a delight.

mabochda said...

You should sign up for Food Network Pumpkin Carving Challenge!

Wiconsin Gardener said...

Thanks, Bethany.

...on a little side note, I work with your Aunt Lori up here. I have to say, she is AWESOME!

I keep trying to get her to check the blog. Someday when you come home, maybe you can teach her to use the internet. :)

redelf said...

AWWW cute little baby pumpkins force to serve the Halloween master with their carved pumpkin goodness!

Nick said...

Homes, they have new LED lights for pumpkins! No burning, no mess and they're reusable.

Movie Star Wife said...

O.K. I finally got around to carving a pumpkin. It took me a couple of hours, but I am really proud of it. I used a pattern and made a "pirate skull". It turned out pretty good. My kids are impressed--so my goal was met. I am going to wait until tomorrow to light it up. Then if I get a good enough picture, I will post it on my blog.

Happy Halloween Eve!

nirese said...

A friend sent me this link to the pumpkin carving winners and, of course, it made me think of your blog:


Camille said...

WOW!! all my pumpkins end up the same... triangle eyes and nose. and weird smile. you got some talent!!!

Unknown said...

Wena, loco! Lo haci rebien en perdidos! Vente a comer empanadas pa chilito, recuerda que nuestras empanadas son mejores que las del dharma!! chiii waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafeliznoche de brujasssss

lostinphilly said...

Hi Jorge! Those pumpkins are awesome. can't wait to see your costume. Tomorrow's not only Halloween, but here in Philly its our PHILLIES WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS 2008 VICTORY PARADE! It's gonna be a great day! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge

Some pumpkin cutter advice, a bit late but you can still try it.
From the Family Circle magazine:
"To help your jack-o-lantern live longer , rub a little Vaseline over the carved edges and along the inside. This seals in the moisture so the flesh won't dry out so fast."
by craft stylist SBella Foster.
Hope it is of help to you.


SnapandPrint said...

Yeah...I hear you on the burnt tops. Mine burst into flame last night and it wasn't even a miniture pumpkin.

Unknown said...

I always cut a hole out of the top so there's a 'chimney' for the majority of the heat to escape. I light the pumpkin, set my candle, wait a few minutes and then cut a hole out where the little burned spot is.
A pumpkin without a fire is a pumkin without a soul. But LED's are preferable for some.

Cat said...

Oh wow -- I LOVE the smell of burnt pumpkin lids! That's why I prefer real candles to those little electric lights for inside the jack-o-lanterns.


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Cat said...

Stupid spammers...how lame.