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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Tonight's pumpkin:
Here he is with the lights out.
I screwed up the mouth which is why it looks like his lips are sewn shut.

P.S. Good news I know what I'm going to be for Halloween. 
Now I have to figure out how to make the costume. 


Marni said...

That is SO cool.

xmozzazx said...

Wicked! I always loved those carvings. Did it take a long time to do?

Laura Caçoeiro said...

After witches days, you should go sell the pumpkins in e.bay!

~Karen~ said...

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN? What are you creating???

Anonymous said...

My word, how do you do these things? Reading your blog these days is like going to an art show ... keep up the fantastic work, you two. :-)

redelf said...


Crank said...

A challenge for you-Actually, this one would comparatively be easy for you, but fun to see. Carve one like Billy the puppet from the Saw films.

maven said...

You are truly a Halloween artist, Jorge! Too bad you can't preserve these pumpkins (unless you shellac them?). I love how you're so into this!

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

yeah, babe. this is seriously an awesome one. i couldn't stop staring at it last night. good job!

TheUnity (Siv) said...

You HAVE to post a picture of you in the costume.

It's a must!

The Pumpkin carving is awesome btw, you should do one of yourself (and Bethany :P)

VIVEROS said...

Crazy Pumpkin that one...a nice Halloween to you all

Jodi said...

That is so freakin cool.

Wiconsin Gardener said...

Jorge, that's incredible! Thanks for posting the pic with the inside lights off. I've been wondering what they would be like. It looks almost untouched... and then ...just wow!

Tasha Who? said...

Okay, I'm now inspired to go out and get a pumpkin and get knife happy!

Please Type Legibly said...

These keep getting better and better....and the suspense is killing us! Give over....what are you going to be?

Unknown said...

You could dress up like Hurley in Lost...

Oh! wait, Hurley is your caracter... oups!

Dress like Jack then!

anonymous said...

holy crap! that's freaking awesome! you clearly have another career option if you ever quit acting... to be self employed as a pumpkin carver for 2 weeks of the year... wait. scratch that.

but that pumpkin is awesome!

Rasmenia said...

I think that just may be the most awesome pumpkin carving that I have ever seen.

elainemarieg said...

No way! Freddie Mercury! You are awesome!

Honeybell said...


That is all.

Benjamin. said...

Nice pumpkin!

Movie Star Wife said...

I showed my hubby your pumpkin pictures and he said, "Don't expect me to do anything like that". He actually has made a few neat ones using patterns, in years past.

My kids saw your pictures and said, "Coooooool!"

Rosemary Bats said...

Okay, this is SO not fair. You're an amazing actor, you sing fantastically, and now you're the Michelangelo of pumpkin carving. Save some talent for the rest of us, geez! ;)

john (not lennon) said...

Don't know what to be more in admiration of, your incredible carving skills or the fact you're growing tomatoes this time of year, I forget there are places in the world that still get some sunshine!!!

Hmm maybe you could combine the two and when your fruit is ripe you can do tomatoe mini-carvings?

now there's a challenge!


James Hernandez said...


Awesome jack-o-lantern. Ok spill the beans! Your going as what?

Just Julie said...

Well fucking hell, that is he coolest pumpkin I have seen this season yet!

Larkin said...

At Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party tonight at the Liberty Tree Tavern, Chip saw a mom and a dad dressed like Jack and Kate from Lost. It was exciting. They even had their Oceanic Airlines tickets. Chip enjoyed it.

Believe it still said...

There's nothing screwed up about that...that is really really cool..

Sulojaarmas said...


Dudú said...

so...what are you going to be?

Unknown said...

Hey Jorge-
These pumpkins are amazing! I'm inspired. I love reading your blog. I work at the Big Brothers Big Sisters in Honolulu and all the fun stuff you do always makes me think you'd be a good Big Brother. Check it out if you like kids! www.bigshonolulu.org
Keep us all posted on your costume!

Unknown said...

Hey Jorge-
These pumpkins are amazing! I'm inspired. I love reading your blog. I work at the Big Brothers Big Sisters in Honolulu and all the fun stuff you do always makes me think you'd be a good Big Brother. Check it out if you like kids! www.bigshonolulu.org
Keep us all posted on your costume!

Callebe Garcia said...

Since you guys are early carvers, take a look on this website and get some more inspiration:


There's even a Predator over there. That can't be a pumpkin...

But you're getting there! Yours look really awesome

Capcom said...

Are you going to be a Topsy Turvy Tomato Plant? :o)

But seriously, wonderful jack-o-lanterns!!

Wayne said...

Have you considered looking into Falstaff? By the time you hit your 40's it is a role that could carry you for years between movies and TV. The character is one of the most interesting and beloved in theater and could be a celebrated one for you in more than one language. I have done him for years and can tell you that he is a challenge every time, and likewise a joy. Victor Buono played him for the last 20 years of his life, and Orson Welles love the character time and time again. Just a thought from a fan and fellow actor. C. Wayne Owens

Unknown said...

Oh mamma mia, mamma mia!!!!

Der Merzmensch said...

Grandious! You are really a talented artist!

How did you do this?

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