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Friday, February 22, 2008

Remember when I spread it...

And forgot it? Forgetted it? Sprod it and forgot it? 
Oh well it's only been a week and LOOK AT THIS: 
...and this is how my "patch" looks: 
Technically it looks less green for the moment because the seeds had little blue/green stuff around them when they were first spread. But we'll see what happens next week.


Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Well - it kind of looks the same to me, except without all the green stuff scattered. I betcha next week you will see a difference.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

oh man, the backyard looks so sad :(

we'll see what next week brings, but i think this is strike two against "as seen on tv" products (i.e. those foot pads were LAME!)

Kathy said...

Didn't it say to keep watering it? Did you keep it damp? It looks very dry. Must save the seeds!

James Hernandez said...


Are those decidious trees or coniferous around your spot? The reason I ask is that coniferous trees have an unbelievable soil ph problem that might render your garden of no effect. If I'm not mistaken conifers are heavy on the acidic side.

2costa said...

So are you thinking those foot pads are BS?

adRift said...

hehehe Hugo! Are you now into the gardening business?? cool!

I agree with them; that patch needs more water! and probably some manure because that land seems so arid! ;)

oh pook said...


I think maybe you aren't "forgetting it" hard enough *sticktongueoutguy*

btw... speaking of things that grow...my hubby did, in fact, send off a package to you today... oh, he's just too kind!

Hope you like it!

christa said...

haha so what are you guys back to shooting then?

Lynn Faruque said...

You are gonna have to let us know if you have nice vegetables come up. I'll have to try it, but I tend to kill everything. I can't even grow ivy, it dies on me.

But I must have some nurturing abilities in me since my son is still living and he's a teenager now.

If you ever wanna know the tip I have for you regarding your unwelcome visitors email me at faruque@1scom.net.

I love your progress photos, they are cool to watch.


mabochda said...

i LOVE the food network. was planning to go out this weekend to get stuff for an herb garden. seems everything they cook is from scratch and with fresh herbs. i love cooking but it isn't a good hobby to have when you're trying to loose weight. especially when they use a whole stick of butter LOL

Thomas said...


Dale said...


I, a 14 year old kid (teen), could tell you that anything on TV works as well as they show it to. I am a big fan of Lost and your character is my absolute favorite, the funny thing is I've only watched 2 episodes so far (403 and 404). Although, I sure why Hurley chose Locke over Jack, Jack seems much nicer and not as evil (Locke isn't evil either, but he seems like more of an antagonist, the Others are evil).

chefmom said...

I knew someone who used it...it took all summer to grow and one it did, there were very few plants...and most were unidentifiable. Water! And I'd just stick to herbs and veggies!

Miss Scarlett said...

Ummm...it's not looking like you're keeping it evenly moist...or whatever those instructions were for 'forgetting' it.


elainemarieg said...

You need a lawn/garden makeover.
I can't wait until more of your blogs push the foot pad pictures off the bottom of the page. Gross.

redelf said...

Our backyard started to look like the second photo...so my mom decided to go Zen and turned it into a rock garden. You may have to do the same. lol

Mary said...

Keep the patch watered, Jorge, or it may not improve much beyond that photo....

Charles Rigdon said...

At least it looks sunny and warm in that picture. No grass will grow here in Kansas right now....it's a frozen waste land :(

alix said...


your "patch"

a little barren, are we?

Capcom said...

I agree, it looks pretty arid. You may need to water if it doesn't rain enough while it's sprouting. That's not exactly a "forgettit" plan though. You could make two tries if the first doesn't work out.

1) Spread and literally forget (i.e. neglect) -- if nothing comes up try plan 2.

2) Spread it and keep it moist. :-)

Good luck!

drgonzoswife said...

Thanks for trying all this stuff and blogging about it. I'm often skeptical to the "As seen on TV" products but fascinated as well.

I tried to grow tomatoes last year and yielded a few nice ones but lost the little crop to caterpillars. Think I'm gonna try the hanging tomato basket this year.

Lissa101 said...


Ashley S. said...

Good luck with that garden! I think a while back you asked for any fan art that people have seen or made. I just went to the website of my old youth minister's husband, who is a cartoonist, and he had a drawing of you on there.


Hope you like it! I think you look pretty cute!

waltonic said...

Hi Jorge -- I don't have any gardening experience that would help you in Hawaii... weather conditions in the UK are, most unfortunately, very different!

Plenty of water and some bloody good compost should make all the difference - especially early on. Seeds need the right amount of water to germinate properly.

I'd post you some of my homemade compost, but it might cause awkward questions to be asked in airport customs. I don't imagine it would do the dogs any good, either!

Happy gardening!

DrDegroot said...


My goodness, you are so good at planting things!

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