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Monday, February 18, 2008

Whew that was creepy

Now I like to be available to fans. I mean I almost never say "no" to a picture request.
-Except if I'm in the middle of dinner at a restaurant.
-Or if I've already caught you taking my picture without asking.

I try to keep up with this blog as well as check TheFuselage.com regularly to answer direct questions posted there by fans. 
I answer all of my own fan mail.
I love my fans and I do feel a sense of dedication to them. 

But something happened today that kinda got me on edge. 
Two people came up to my door. And introduced themselves as fans and asked if they could get a picture with me. (Actually they asked for "Hugo.")
Now am I wrong to think that this crossed the line? I mean if I can't have privacy at home what do I have left? I live in a simple house. I like it. I don't want to feel like I need to up my security. But people coming to my door and trying to peek through my windows (yes that's right peek through my windows) has made me nervous. 
I don't want to put up gates and bars. It would make me feel like a prisoner in my own home. 
But what made them think that this was something I'd be cool with? 


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

next time i'll be sure to wear my milwaukee sheriff's badge when i answer the door.

bertas said...

Oh Lord.

Now I never was in your shoes and I do hope I'll never be... for the same reasons you have mentioned just now... I know you love what you do and you are great at it, but the price that comes with it does seem a bit steep in my opinion...
But just that violation of privacy is something that would bother me the most... some will probably tell you to stop moaning, as you have agreed to it and as it does come with the job, but you never did strike me as a Lindsay Lohan type of guy who would revel in it... sorry dude... :)
How to deal with it? Dont have a clue... you seem decent enough sort and from your community here, it seems your fans are decent enough bunch, I think if you caught them peeping through your window and asked them to leave - they would leave... it does not make it any less creepy though... :)
I do wonder why your dog didnt react though... having said that a guy came to our house (there are 3 doors you have to open to get into my house so you'd think he'd react) but my dog was snoring away on the couch without a care in the world... guard dog my arse :)

Heather Bisson-Simpson said...

I don't even like it when people I know come to my house. They were way out of line.

Amie R. said...

That is way creepy. And they definitely crossed the line. :(

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

When I was a teenager, I lived down the street from one of the New Kids on the Block (and near all the others). Girls literally swarmed the neighborhood during every summer vacation and spring break, and LOTS of them were brazen enough to go up to the front door of the guys' houses. Not sure if any of them knocked, but lots of photos were taken. It was a TOTAL invasion of privacy.

I feel for you. It's why I'd never, ever want to be famous. But, for the record, most of us aren't like that -- and we love you, too. :)

Z said...

Certainly not unreasonable. Hope whoever gave them your address gets some bad karma.

christa said...

i don't know what the hell to say. oooo! except! take THEIR picture and blog about them? make it a special weekly entry about all the fans that go to far. call it something. make it regular. get it sponsored by a fan shop.

woah! long weekend's got me a little hyper. my bad.

Ryan said...

That sucks, dude. I guess you could pretend you're not home.

Captain Mustapha said...

You need a sticker on your door that says 'This home protected by the Cerberus Security System.'

keri marion said...

it's totally uncool. i think you might have to play a "crazy" card... like, when anyone comes to the door, just start barking like a dog. it's good to twitch.

i think it's sometimes difficult for people to understand boundaries and social etiquette. you may have to put up signs, but considering our literacy rate in the country isn't much better than most third world countries, you might as well just draw pictures (maybe of your mancoon?) describing different things you might be doing that would require privacy (i think the mancoon on a toilet would be quite funny).

or you could get a door mat that says "you're not welcome."

or you could put a sign claiming landmines on your property and visitors must "take their chances" upon crossing the bounds...

it does not "come with" any "job" to be bothered at your home, regardless of what you do for a living... not even a public servant, which you are not.

i liked the suggestion to take their picture and blog about them, but make it totally like "these guys were such assholes.. they came over totally unannounced" and then you can start in with a series of lies like "then they came inside and drank all my beer. they took turns farting, holding me flatulently hostage on an otherwise pleasant day off - i feel so violated" and other such relatively harmless insults just to get the point across.

Apex Zombie said...

Well, in response to the question "What made them think that this was something I'd be cool with?"

Honestly, I think it is because you are so approachable. That's not to say that what they did is acceptable, or that it was your fault. Those guys totally overstepped their boundaries as fans, but then if you were the kind of guy who kept really private and all that, then they might not have felt they could do that.

So, I don't really know what you can do. Speaking as a fan, I really appreciate that you interact with us so much, and so I'd hate to see your trust in us diminished. But then I know you gotta do what you gotta do to feel comfortable.

Now, if I were you, I'd totally build a moat with a draw bridge and fill it with frickin' sharks with frickin' laserbeams on their heads!

Unknown said...

that is sad. bad kind of sad. i think that goes way beyond being a fan to actually disturb your privacy like that. that's stalkerish, even.

MaryDj said...

It's so sad!They crossed the line!:(

Rasmenia said...

I have to say that one of the things that I find most disturbing here is the fact that they asked for "Hugo" - that doesn't exactly demonstrate a strong grip on reality.

Bethany said...

omfg! that's ridiculous. I don't think you should feel bad, they SERIOUSLY crossed the line. for being your "fans" they're sure more concerned about their celebrity-sighting than your own privacy and happiness. Some fans.

Have you thought about a sign on the door, if it gets to be a problem? "Hi, Hurley does not live here. Jorge Garcia does. I have a real frikkin name. And while you're at it, this is my private residence. You ring that doorbell, or knock on my door, and it will not be good. Things will not be pretty. This is my home, biatches, so back off." or something, idk, I've never had people bugging me at home before. :P

Mary said...

Definitely creepy.

If I were in your situation, I'd ask my co-workers how they handle these situations.

Unfortunately, it may end up requiring a move to a slightly more secure location. Not necessarily bars-on-the-windows, but perhaps a community with a gate and security guard or a doorman.

wjl (Wolfgang Lonien) said...

Hmmm - how about putting a webcam there in front of your door? Some models even com with built-in web servers and motion detectors, so you'll get whoever comes along even before they ring.

And for the windows, you could put signs around your house saying something like "Danger! High Voltage!", or the like.


www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Hey Jorge!

It sucks :( If they are really fans they wouldn't have done that (wow hope what I've written is correct '^^, I haven't learnt how to say that at school yet ^^)
Well I think they crossed the line too. And taking pictures through windows, what did they though ? They would be paparazzis ?
All I can say is that's stupid. Don't worry real fans won't do that =)

Shame on them!
Bye Eva from France.

Ps: i loved your performence in Lost especially in episode 401! You were just fantastic ;D

Cheryl said...

Wow Jorge so sorry that happened to you. I would be feeling so violated and so pissed off. You have every right to be upset. Those of us who have a clue that what happened was ridiculous thank you for being probably the kindest actor out there to his fans, but that doesn't mean you should expect to have visitors at your home. I hope it was a one time isolated incident and that you can go back to whatever kind of normalcy one can have in your profession.

Please Type Legibly said...

No, you're not wrong - that's just creepy. And you shouldn't have to sell your soul to do your job. I'd take a pretty hard line here. If people don't have any better sense of boundaries than to peek in your windows, then subtlety is going to be lost on them, anyway.

Agustina said...

yeah!!! next time do as christa said!
Take their picture, find out their address and follow them for a while.
And if they were looking for "Hugo", show them THE CRAZY HUGO! Scream & kick as a maniac, and they will never show up again!

Some people dont know nothing about respect & privacy.

Have a nice day, =)

youseedrybones said...

I heard Dave Navarro keeps a really big gun that has a huge light on it (unloaded) to scare people away. But then again, he is plain creepy. You could pull a Montgomery Burns and "release the hounds" of course then you would have to hire Smithers, and he is creepy in his own right.

oh pook said...

Oh Jorge!!

That sucks!!

I'm continually amazed at the audacity of some people...

I think I'd have to put up a sign or something (of course that doesn't solve it either...)

chefmom said...

Dood...That's so not cool. It's one thing to see out and about and ask, but it's another thing to stalk you at home. Seriously, I would consider it stalking. You shouldn't have to feel like a prisoner. I would have called the cops. Star or no Star, It's not right to do it anyone. I'm sorry to hear that it happened to you.

Ange said...

Hi Jorge,
You=ABSOLUTELY RIGHT them=Wrong. Work is work and home is home and that is just unfair!
I'm a teacher and I refuse to live in the town that I work anymore. This comes after one Saturday morning when I found kids in my bushes looking in the windows, then knocking on my door while I was in my pajamas trying to enjoy cartoons ;).
Maybe you need to adhere all of your dirty Kinoki Foot Pads to the door or throw them at the lurky-loos who try that again!

bella said...

That's crazy.. and creepy..and I'm sorry that it happened to you. It's rare to see an actor that shares and interacts with his fans as much as you do. I think it's refreshing and really kind of you to offer that to us. But with some people, the lines get blurred and they either don't know or forget that you're just a regular person like the rest of us.

~A lot of Lost fans make the trek out to Hawaii to tour the shooting locations. Not that it's right, but I can see how a fan might be brazen enough to do this kind of thing. It might be their only chance to ever make contact with an actor. They don't see it any other way. That's the sick part and the blurry part~

Honestly, if I were you, I would probably spend a litte to make the house more secure - you don't have to put bars on the windows..that's extreme.. but maybe consult with an alarm company to see what kind of options you have to secure yourself if this kind of thing happens again.

I can't understand the audacity of some people and again, I'm sorry you had to experience that. You're a cool guy - and people should know their boundries.

Outburst said...

Yeah, that's not cool.
The celebrity nonsense is out of control. I think you're a great actor (my fav character on the show) but I don't really care what your sofa looks like.
I can't answer your last question... were they wearing white straitjackets? They might have thought there was a chance for loonie bin camaraderie with Hurley?

Unknown said...

Quoting fat lazy guy: "Those guys totally overstepped their boundaries as fans, but then if you were the kind of guy who kept really private and all that, then they might not have felt they could do that."

Ehh, I think people like that would try to overstep the boundaries either way. They'd probably find it even more of a challenge if you were more private. They are just either clueless, or self-absorbed, or both.

I hope you don't get bothered by too many of the clueless.

jenne said...

as Sam the Eagle from The Muppet show would say, "Weirdos"! seriously, though - you are always so kind to people and those people really crossed the line. i'm sad to hear this and i hope other's will not be so rude to you. Bad! Bad people!

Magic & Goofy said...

Hi Jorge.

I don't think it's the least bit unreasonable to expect some privacy at home - regardless of what you do for a living. I also think that there are always going to be people that don't respect boundaries. It's hard to know what to do when confronted with cluelessness...but I think that if you answer the door and ask them to politely leave - and then close the door again...it's about all you can do without taking steps that make you even more of a prisoner in your own home.

They crossed the line, and if they read this, they should be ashamed of themselves...I know that i am ashamed of them.

Creepy is right...

Take care...there are those of us out here that love your work - and are still able to respect boundaries :)

Magic & Goofy said...

Hi Jorge.

I don't think it's the least bit unreasonable to expect some privacy at home - regardless of what you do for a living. I also think that there are always going to be people that don't respect boundaries. It's hard to know what to do when confronted with cluelessness...but I think that if you answer the door and ask them to politely leave - and then close the door again...it's about all you can do without taking steps that make you even more of a prisoner in your own home.

They crossed the line, and if they read this, they should be ashamed of themselves...I know that i am ashamed of them.

Creepy is right...

Take care...there are those of us out here that love your work - and are still able to respect boundaries :)

Mom of 4 said...

I think they were WAY out of line. I agree with Wolfgang. Get a web cam. That way you will know if you want to answer the door or not. At least you might feel a little more secure And you won't have to add the bars to the windows just yet.

Love your blog & Love you in Lost! Keep up the good work!

Honeybell said...

Wow. Not cool. I hate going to bother my my neighbor to ask if she has cream of mushroom soup I can borrow . . . I cannot imagine why someone would think that was acceptable.

And Rasmenia is right . . . "No sorry, 'Hugo' doesn't live here!"

Creepy indeed.

Unknown said...

I might get up the nerve to approach you if you didn't look too busy because you're probably my absolute favorite actor and you just seem so cool and it would be something to tell all my friends about for the rest of my life until they were sick of me. :)

But go to your house? Man, that is creepy, over the line, just plain weird. Looking in your windows is beyond "over the line" - that's stalker-ish uncomfortable. (And to ask for Hugo? Like they can't even call you by your actual name if they're such fans?)

I hope this was a one time incident and doesn't spook you from interacting with your fans. When you consider how many thousands of people adore you, you're bound to get a whacko or two.

I think checking with a security company isn't a bad idea. There might be some sort of unobtrusive system you can put in place that would ease your mind a bit.

groovymom said...

100% Creepy - A POX ON THEM!

So sorry you had to experience this!

If you're considering signs, maybe just "Private Residence - No trespassing" - obviously nothing with your real name on it. (Likely to bring out more crazies).

I hope you called the police.

May you have a day filled with peace and privacy!
We are sending you happy thoughts!

Kat said...

I'm sorry that happened...it is wrong on so many levels. Some people have no sense of personal boundaries or are so self-centered they don't care. Ihatethemhopebentorturesthem.

Erica said...

I mean--- what did they THINK was going to happen?

redelf said...

Agreed, that crossed a line. I think people forget that you and other celebrities are actually people too. I would be very upset about that if it was myself. I dont even like anyone but family to have my cell phone number let alone my address.

Irishcoda said...

Oh man, I am so sorry that happened to you. I hate to say it but there definitely are people who have NO sense of boundaries whatsoever and feel entitled to invade your privacy. You shouldn't have to live like you're a prisoner but the reality is now that people know where you live you have to take precautions. God forbid someone comes knocking who is a total kook. I don't know what kind of house you have but you might consider to start having someone else open the door, answer the phone--kind of like a bodyguard but maybe not exactly that. Someone who can act like a buffer between you and people who are too bushy or wacko. And you have to question how many marbles someone has if they're mixing you up with Hurley, ya know? They're not totally in the here and now.

Please Type Legibly said...


In their twisted little universe, they probably thought Jorge would get a kick out of seeing them, call them Dude and spill all the spoilers because they went the extra mile. Blech. I think it must be an occupational hazard. These people have to bring something of themselves to their characters to make it real and relatable (that's how they get the job in the first place, right?) And some poor people interpret that as somehow knowing the person. It's fuzzy logic on their parts, but it seems to be true.

Or who knows? Maybe they thought they were being funny. Sigh.

Irishcoda said...

Quoting litlnemo:

"Quoting fat lazy guy: "Those guys totally overstepped their boundaries as fans, but then if you were the kind of guy who kept really private and all that, then they might not have felt they could do that."

Ehh, I think people like that would try to overstep the boundaries either way. They'd probably find it even more of a challenge if you were more private. They are just either clueless, or self-absorbed, or both."

You are too young to remember the original run of the series but you might have heard of Dark Shadows, which was a gothic soap opera from the 1960s. The angsty vampire was played by an actor named Jonathan Frid and suddenly everyone was trying to call his apartment, visit his apartment, etc etc, and he is a VERY private person. I think that is something that would be very scary and maybe that's why he moved from NYC back to Canada where he is relatively undisturbed by the kooks that still obsess about him 40 years later.

He's come back to the States a couple of times to do one man shows and he has someone (a friend of mine) who helps him with security and other stuff. And believe me, it's still necessary even though the man is over 80 years old. There are still dingaling fans out there who are pushy and try to get too close to touch him or take pictures, come to the hotel room and what have you.

They really give fans a bad name because the majority of us are respectful (or I'd like to think so).

The whole point of this is just to agree that you don't need to change who you are and how you respond to people because of some rude pushy people.

James Hernandez said...


I hate to say it but there is a price to fame, and unfortunately your finding out first hand. Just think that in the final couple of seasons, with fans wanting to know what the conclusion of LOST is, your going to endure even more of this. But I have a solution Tell them that Terry O'quinn has all the answers (bald headed baboon that he is)!

quantum bubble said...

Wow. That's messed up.

If they were looking for Hugo, you should have closed your eyes and counted to 5...but then they may not have clued in that they were supposed to disappear...

Miss Scarlett said...

Did you let them take a photo? That might set a dangerous precedent for people with no boundaries!

Eek - I can't imagine how they could think that is alright. That is stalker-esque & peeking in your windows?

Have you considered a large (but totally loveable) dog? The kind that would enable you to put up Beware of...signs. Maybe just put the signs up.
'Cause apparently people with no limits are going to show up.

You look so sad in your picture -- who would put you in jail??

btw - it makes it creepier that they asked for Hugo!

Hoku said...

OMG That is WAY over the line. I assume they were tourists, because local residents would never do that kind of thing (unless they were stupid kids). I have seen you (and other cast members) out and about and I have never asked for a pic or approached you as I feel I would be intruding on your privacy even at a store. It would be different if it was a public event.

I hope you called HPD. In the future, if (god forbid), it happens again, try to get a description of the car they came in or a license plate and report it. And tell them in a stern voice to leave your property, the police are on the way.

Please don't let this change you though. You are one of the humblest, most down to earth and funny guys!

María José said...

Sorry dude, promise never do it again... no, seriously, maybe like someone said here, this guys were turist, maybe even chilean guys... remember that country? Im' not saying chileans are stupid, just so far away from everything... on the oter hand, that's what makes us so special.... yes, i'm chilean and i'm writing you from here. I just run into this blog and i had to say someting.... so, something! Have a nice day, keep the good work and buy a new dog.

Lynn Faruque said...

Yea, that would be creepy. I'm not a celebrity and even I don't like people coming to MY door unannounced.

And then to top it off, they ask for HUGO??

I think you are way too cool and available to your fans to deal with that. Anybody today would be creeped out by that.

Sorry that happened.



Nacho said...

That sucks man.

Wait... does that mean we don't get to call you Hugo?

Lynn Faruque said...

Oh, and I bet even little Nunu had a fit, huh? They don't know they are little dogs!!

Kathy T. said...

Welcome to Batshit Crazy.
Population: Those two fans.

That's just incredibly out-of-bounds. I like the suggestion that you should start barking at them. Good luck.

Unknown said...

obviously 2 dickheads not fans if you excuse my French,

Me said...

I think it's crossing a line to knock on your door.

It would have freaked me out, too.

Miss M said...

Long time reader, first time poster. And all I can say is yes they totally crossed the line. I like the "act crazy and twitch idea." The problem is that since you're famous if do that it'll end up all over Entertainment Tonight. If I start throwing things at strangers in my yard its unpleasant but a fairly private (and oh so fun!) act. Not so for you.

That said I have two words for you: tranquilizer gun.

Tiffani said...

Completely uncalled for. I think with all of the celebreality and paparrazzi and such, we've gotten to a place where (some) people think celebrities and their personal lives are public 'property' of sorts and it is wrong, wrong, wrong. Your home should be your sanctuary. I hope you expressed you feelings of discomfort and that they were apologetic and respectful about it. Yeesh! Some people's children!

Kaileigh Blue said...

I think those kinds of people are a tiny bit disconnected from reality if they don't even use your name.

Eris said...

Nooo, that's not nice at all!!! As you say..what do you have left if you can't be relaxing at home? Man! that sucks! there are people that just don't know where to stop.. let's hope it won't happen again.


mbeek said...

Well, that is completely unacceptable. I'm sorry that some fans have to go over the line, and forget that you are a human being entitled to your privacy.

BTW, I wanted to say how much I've enjoyed you this season. Your character is bringing me to tears and I just love how down to earth and human you have made Hurley. He's the one everyone would want to know.

That being said, can I come over?

Just kidding!!

Hang in there.


jen said...

Uh, yeah, creepy is right. Sorry to hear that this happened, and worse, that it seems to be kind of a trend.. I mean, peeking in your windows? People as in -plural-?? That's awful. :/

And to the commenter that suggested it was because you seem so approachable? Nuh-uh. With all due respect to his opinion, I feel like that's an unfair assessment, one that suggests that changing your attitude towards your fans would somehow shield you from this, to which.. no. For my money, that's every bit as much self-imprisonment as having to put up electric fences and attack hounds. People who have so little grasp of personal privacy and social norms don't need any encouragement. You could live a reclusive life such that could put Thomas Pynchon to shame, and you'd still have crazies on your doorstep.

Lissa101 said...

I knew a woman once who went up to her psychiatrist's private residence in the evening and knocked on the door and started screaming at her on her doorstep in front of her family. Crazies are all over, but luckily they are a tiny subgroup of the whole total community around you.

I think these idiots are not real fans of yours if they are addressing you as "Hugo" and invading your privacy. Just be clear, as you are here, about what is okay and what is not. People such as these do not realize you are a real human and probably don't care. It's all about them. So just be clear about your boundaries for those of us who do have half a brain, don't let it change who you are, and don't let the jerks get you down.

Have a great day.

WriteAway said...

Oh, Jorge, you are not wrong to think this behaviour has crossed the line. And I disagree that you should accept it is a price of fame. Being interrupted in your daily life when you are not at work is bad enough, but your home should definitely be your safe haven.

There seems to be a strange consensus these days that actors are public property (what with the paparazzi pictures of people buying coffee, etc -- why is that news?) and I think it is very wrong. It does NOT come with the job, just as a pharmacist is not expected to fill prescriptions from their home (and if they did, the police might be interested! LOL. Your job is to appear on set and play a character, not to allow strange people to follow you, take your photo when you aren't expecting it, or even to sign autographs. The fact that you have put up with this kind of behaviour shows that you are a kind person, not that you are fulfilling any kind of 'contract'.

Your safety and happiness are paramount, so please take care. You are doing a wonderful job, and it is just that -- a job -- and people who don't realise that you are not 'Hugo' and yet are still able to find out where Jorge lives need a swift, sharp reality check. Someone here already recommended asking your colleagues what they do and I hope you can find a solution that makes you happy.

Best of luck.

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Not right whatsoever... I hope it's only a "one time" thing. A creepy "one time" thing at that.

Lij said...

My dad is semi-famous in a niche sort of way -- he's important to some people, which meant that growing up, people were always watching our family. It's super creepy, and very disconcerting.

Your story reminds me of the time that a Christian youth group showed up at the door late one night and asked for a tour of our house. (Which is just an average house.) My mom tried as hard as she could be polite when she told them no, but it took a while for them to get the point.

Amyway, people need to know their boundaries. If that happens again, no one would fault you for simply telling them no, that they need to leave.

Ali said...

yeah that seems pretty stalkery. they had to actively hunt down your address and find you, which i assume is quite some effort. I guess you shoulda stayed on the island :]

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Fling used foot pads at them.

I would ask your co-workers how they handle the issue. Completely over the line. Stalkers start off as fans and that just trips into creepy/dangerousville.


Anonymous said...

I can understand people from TMZ or so similar media establishment going to those lengths (which is very wrong in my opinion), but people who claim to be fans of "Hugo" coming to your door...I'd suggest you get a VERY large, mean dog with one of those electric fences around your yard to keep him in (not that I think those are right either), and maybe that will send people the message that your home is off limits.

Jen said...

You should read Bob Dylan's Chronicles I book. He talks a lot about this.

Seeeeeeeriously creepy. You should have said "Hugo is not available. May I take a message?" That would freak 'em out.

groovymom said...

another thought -
the Ozzie Osborn method -

soak the freaky people trying to intrude on your space!

a bull horn might be another thing to have on hand
"I have taken your picture - the police have been called - GO AWAY!"

Lynn Faruque said...

Hey Jorge, I thought of something I could tell you about this, if you will send me an email or let me know how to let you know privately, ok?

Big Red said...


Be careful. Remember Rebecca Schaeffer, 1989. They are a lot of sick puppies out there.

Best to not open the door unless you know them, that is what I do in a small TX town.

Train your dog to bark like a big dog (Ha ha), or get Madison (vincent) to protect you.

Stay safe.

leppardess said...

No, you're not wrong in feeling that that crossed the line at all.

I think that some people assume that because you're a celebrity that your privacy is forfeit, which is a sad commentary in itself.

I really feel for you going through that and sadly, it'll probably happen again. I just hope that it doesn't.

You seem like a decent guy and your dedication to your fans is touching. I hope that this encounter doesn't dampen your enthusiasm for your fans or cause you to be more closed off to them.

Big Red said...

Dear Jorge,

Be Careful. Remember Rebecca Schaeffer, 1989. There are a lot of sick puppies out there.

Best to not open the door unless you know them, even in a small Tx town I do not answer. Call the police if they are peeking in your windows, and put in a locked gate.

Train your dog to bark deeper or borrow Madison (aka vincent) to protect your home. Josh should have some good advice about creepy people around your home.

Safety first.

Bad_Robot said...

Damn, that sucks Jorge. That was definitely crossing the line. It disappoints me as a big fan when this type of thing happens.

And I hope those fans now realize that behavior like that is not acceptible & never try it again.

I do agree that you do seem as approchable to poeple, so they might do something like this without thinking things throu.

Be careful and take care of yourself pal~

Sue Wacvet said...

I have to agree with "I" who mentioned Rebecca Schaeffer. There ARE a lot of sick puppies out there. You need to have some sort of security between you and the public. Sucks, but that's the world we live in. Please be careful. We would miss you terribly if you were gone.

e4dg said...

Hola Jorge! Soy Ezequiel de Argentina.
Entiendo lo que pides y aunque algunas personas no lo entiendan tienen que saber que sos una persona de carne y hueso.
Soy un fan tuyo. Y me adhiero a tu pedido. Si bien eres una persona muy conocida tienen que respetar tu privacidad.
Felicitaciones por tu trabajo, eres excelente!!
Muchos exitos.

The Watchers said...

So - In my opinion... They went way over the line. Past over the line. I'd have told them off and had them gently escorted off my property by a large man named bubba, honestly, but being the good person you are you seem to have kept a damn level head.

I'd think that this won't be a regular occurance, it seems like just wo random fools, but if it ever happens again... you might want to consider bubba.

KiwiKate said...

Heya bro,

Sorry that this happened. As much as there are "crazies" out there, there are also some misguided folk who'd just LOVE to be famous - most certainly does not make knocking on your door ok. It seems perhaps the experience was a lot more creepier & uncomfy than you are letting on here in your blog. Sucks dude. No good.
Be safe & perhaps use your judgement and pull back what you offer of yourself - even if it's forsaking our blog which I do enjoy a lot.

On a brighter note - I so loved what you were saying about being "eco" & "green" in one of your last blogs. Coming from New Zealand that's something I'm really interested in, I cracked up when you said you told on the garbo men to your Mum. I'm just super stoked my Mum is going to let me start up a compost heap at her place. Yuuusss! Fermented table scraps anyone?

Take care bro, don't let this dull your shine.

Kate from Kiwiland (NZ)
(apply your own Lord of the Rings or Flight of the Conchords joke here)

Katie said...

You're absolutely not wrong to think that crossed the line. It's a creepy violation of privacy, and I'm sorry it happened to you. You have every right to live in your simple house and expect people to respect your privacy. Hell, I don't even really like people I know coming over unannounced.

And addressing you as "Hugo"? That's just idiotic.

I'd suggest screening your visitors - I personally don't open the door to anyone I don't know (bonus perk: no Jehovah's Witnesses or door-to-door salespeople to deal with - I make an exception for Girl Scouts at cookie time!). It probably wouldn't deter the absolute crazies from approaching your house, but at least you wouldn't have to personally interact with them. No idea what to do about the looking into windows thing, aside from calling the police.

Chandra said...

Estoy de acuerdo con que no tienen que sobrepasar esa línea y que tienes que tener tu intimidad, pero es bonito que la gente te admire tanto que hasta quiere verte por tus ventanas...

Michelle in NS said...

That's terrible!
I know how much time you give to us...your fans,that totally crosses the line..Dulong98

D S said...

In los angeles you'd be a fool not to call the police after that incident.

Anyone who confuses you with your character isn't right in the head. They aren't necessarily wrong or crazy, but they aren't right.

You've got to decide when you call the police.

You probably need to hire an intern to get the door for you though. Sorry it's come to that, but that is NOT right.

In the 1980s, yes I'm that old, I made a decision to ONLY contact actors through their production company or agent. I will post things online, but I'd never want to give the impression I'd do anything but send a gift or two to your agent for you to pick up at your convenience.

Because that's the only ethical thing a fan would do- leave you in charge of all interactions.

Fans don't own you. They don't have that right. I think you have every right to crack down on that.

D S said...

oh, and yes, I had two stalkers after appearing in the news 15 years ago. These were kids who meant well, but they were intensely uncool about it.

@TedLannister said...

Funny part is how they asked for "Hugo"...

Anonymous said...

You should've told them they had the wrong house!

Seriously though, way out of line. I would've gotten 'em with the hose.

maven said...

Sorry that happened to you, Jorge. They definitely crossed the line by invading your privacy, especially calling you Hugo.

You are the most down-to-earth television "star" and we love your openness and quirky humor, and appreciate letting us bloggers and fans into your life here at Dispatches from the Island. I hope this incident doesn't scare you off.

Colleen Oakes said...

I am a huge LOST fan. I would probably pee in my pants if I saw you. And I wouldn't ask for a picture because I just peed in my pants.

But I would NEVER NEVER come to your house. Totally inappropriate and wrong.

Can you find out where they got your address? Maybe you can remove it or have it put under like, an alias or something.

But its sad that you would have to do that.

Lisa said...

You might try a chalk outline of a body on your walk..you can also strew some autograph pages, maybe a broken camera...add some crime scene tape! Seriously, we have 2 doors, on in back for friends and the front door for strangers. We don't answer the front.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

aw, that must suck! I would not like that. My little cousin had a small role in the movie Red-Eye 2 years or so ago and after it came out in theatres she was getting followed around at school, random people trying to talk to her, etc and it really freaked her out! Hard to do normal things when people are gawking :-(

I think it is great how you are so involved with your fan mail and actually care about your fans, but people should know that you are a normal person and you are not Hugo or Hurley but Jorge! I know I would be excited to meet you but I sure would not invade your privacy by peeping in on you, knocking on your door or flashing a camera in your face LOL Those people stepped over the line!

Sir Charles B. said...

Son los costos de ser popular, de todas maneras la gente esta muy freaks por estos tiempos, nada les importa y quieren tenerlo todo ya!, por eso Internet es un boom, lo mismo pasa en la vida estos tipos querian verte ya! ...y lo hicieron, aunque los metodos utilizados no fueron lo correcto,
Saludos desde el fin del Mundo.

The Engineering Bureau said...

I have been in radio forever. Same thing on this side of the business when fans show up at an air personalities home. Four suggestions: 1) Never open the door because you have no idea how potentially warped these people are. 2) Get your dog a friend-a large formidable appearing canine friend who can go to the door and make a lot of noise as a deter the idiots who have shown up and 3) Have the number of a private security service on your cell or better yet call HPD...As soon as the word gets out in the local press that you are a nice guy but with specific limitations that will result in tresspassing and harrassment charges on people who are in the vacinity of your home or on your property without invitation or other legitimate reason to be in the area the problem will go away. 4) Post a trespassing notice on your property line so that it is clear to anyone in proximity to your home that you are serious and have issued advance warning to stay off the property. You have every right to live as you wish and should not have to become a recluse in a gated community if you do not choose to do so. You might even want to talk to the HPD district chief in your area and see if they have additional suggestions or can arrange for special response when/if you call. Finally-security companies offer slow speed video recording. We use it at radio stations and transmitter sites. It will give you a clear video record of everything that transpires within view. If that means having hours of nothing you can re-record over it-but if anyone does show up you will have a record of it and the signs you can post that there is ongoing video being taken may also stop the disperceptional individuals who make these steps necessary.

seven said...

pretending to be your own evil twin is always a good move.

Copywriters-Outsourcing Services said...

hi Jorge i am an extremely fan from Argentina and i can´t wait to see the new fourth´s season chapters. Although i´ve seen the first three chapters in web and i can´t understand anything. =/ Everything become more and more difficult !
i also want to tell you that hugo´s attitude with charlie´s death was completely nice,cute and lovely. I love your character, you´re one of my favourites.
Kisses from the South
Clara from Argentina

Avinash said...

You should've shown them your footpads. They'd be running for the hills.

twisby said...

one time i met horatio sans and asked him to go out for a drink with me [which is absurd because i was only 19 at the time], and he made fun of me, so i compromised with a picture. i fondly brag about being the butt of horatio's joke.

jorge, if i ever meet you, will you make fun of me? i'll cherish the humiliation forever :)

carnaval-andino said...

Some people are crazy. They don´t understand that you are a person that wants to live as a normal person (you´re not Hurley ALL the time).
Sorry for my poor english.. I´m argentinian :)
Greetings from here!.

Blake and Lucinda said...

Eww. That really is kinda creepy. Catching people who are trying to look through your windows is a really icky feeling. After moving to a new house, my friend called me from the front of my house and said, "Did you know there are two women with their faces pressed up against your front screen door? They're looking in your house.". It totally creeped me out. Turns out they were my neighbors and wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood. Great welcome that was.

Unknown said...

I think that coming to your house crosses the line to the extreme. Yet, anyone who comes to your door asking for Hugo has a problem! I think that it is sad that crazy people like this can ruin the lives of so many performers for they deserve to live just like we do and people tend to forget that a lot of times.

TakesaVillage said...

Sorry about the intruders. Did you yell 4Q,4Q, really loud to make them go away?
Get a Cerebus Security System.That will keep your fans from getting way too close.
Remember to be careful,some people out there are nutters.

Laurie said...

I don't even just show up at a friends house, sorry this happened to you.

Scoutpost said...

Wow that was totally uncool of those fans! People really should know better, I mean really, only wacko's track people down at their houses. Wish I had some good advice, but I don't. Stay safe!

Matt Stellbauer said...

In light of the blog, the first one youll probably not find funny. However, the last one will make up for it.




Jess said...

Dude. Everyone has a right to privacy. It sucks that people are so lame that they would bug you at home.
Don't let people overstep the lines of reason because you are nicer than most people. Its okay to be pissed off that people did this.

rick doucette said...

step one: install those pull-down room-darkener shades on any large windows

step two: spray paint "4Q!" on them

step three: pull down said shades whenever the heartless creepy peeps stalk you

sorry you have to deal with that weirdness. i really appreciate you making time for your fans. hopefully they'll read this blog & be able to comprehend how it feels from your perspective.

Dave said...

Wow, dude. Yeah... that sucks. I am terribly sorry that people have no clue about decency, privacy, and personal space. :\

Rachel said...

Those are definitely some lame "fans," if they can even call themselves that after such despicable behavior. I love the idea about taking their pictures and putting it on your blog. Then we can go up to them and interrupt their dinners.

Elaine said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that qualifies as creepy. But "fans" can be a weird breed... they scare me. It's all good to appreciate someones talent or art or whatever, but dude, you're an actor. Not the next profit who can heal with a touch.

Crazy people.

Matt said...

Being a fan is one thing. Invading someone's privacy is another.

I think you're right for being creeped out.

Hannah said...

Creeeeepy. A friend of mine shares the same last name with a famous actor (no relation though) and she has people showing up at her house a lot looking for him. Sometimes they call her house too.

Loca xq sí said...

ok... 108 comments... I'm sure I'm not going to write something original!!!!

thanks to be available to your fans

and I'm really sorry, but there are crazy people in the world that doesn't realize you're just a simple guy, not a god or something

but, please!, don't become a hermit, ok?

Chelsea said...

I grew up a few blocks from Rick Springfield's house, and even though I desperately wanted to be Jesse's Girl I never actually went up and rang his doorbell. I just drove by incessantly...

Maybe you could hook up some kind of creepy Jacob's eye to pop up in your windows when looky-loos come a'calling.

Collective Hunch said...

Oh man, that sucks. I promise that if I ever run into you in public I'll ask before snapping a picture. And random people knocking on the door is totally creepy.

Capmaster said...

Do this:

Get yourself a double-barrel 12-gauge.
Hold the muzzle up to the glass right where their nose is.
They'll move away.

NICO Mengual said...

hey man! if I were you, I would tell them to fuck off and get it out of my system, that people need to get yeld man, they´re crazy.
Me parece muy bueno que estés al alcance de tus fans con éste blog... suerte!!!

Unknown said...

I must admit, even i am a big fan of you....but i would NEVER even think about doignt aht. with out a doubt the crossed the line...

Wiconsin Gardener said...

You know, there is a cure for this...

move to Milwaukee. :) The worst thing that will happen to you here is that you will be caught in another snowstorm later this week.

...what do you mean you'd rather face stalkers in Hawaii than be forced to eat butterburgers forever??? Hrumph...


Sorry this happened to you. Let's hope it never happens again. You deserve the best.

Chris said...

I would NEVER do that...again. ;)

Seriously, that's as creepy as it gets. Okay, maybe if they went into the house. That may be creepier.

Anarela said...

Guess what?? I'm from Venezuela!!! I love this serie!! And I love all the actors, you're doing an amazing job!! I just can't stop watching it, It's great, I'm waiting for the next season to start!!! Thanks for the good moments!!! Take care dude ;) And please, don't freak out, it's just a nice way to call you ;) Bye dude ;)

Unknown said...

Holy moly! That's pretty intense, that would seriously creep me out too.

I think they were a sandwich short of a picnic to be rocking up to some celeb's doorstep in the first place, nevermind asking for the characters name! EEK

Actually there's a local program here and recently there was a good actor just played a serial killer, while he was doing the role he did a short documentry about playing a serial killer.. people actually thought of his like his character and started yelling obsenities at him!

I don't know what on earth is wrong with people who can't separate reality from fiction.

Hopefully that doesn't happen to you again anytime soon and the nutbars stay in their padded cells!

gjulleen said...

Jorge, I'm sorry for that experience. You always seem to be there for the fans (with the podcasts and stuff) and even though I've never met you, I still respect your friendliness and dedication to your fans.

Those people were jerks, you're not out of line, real fans would give you some space.

Lots of love.

Rachel Snyder said...

I've been reading through some of your old posts and wanted to respond to this one in particular, because some of what you said sounded familiar to me. But I can't figure out how to say what I want and keep it to a respectable length for a reply, so I think I'm going to write about it in my own blog. Thanks for the inspiration :)

It looks like you got some good responses here. (I especially like the suggestion about the "Cerberus Security System" sign :)) I for one appreciate this blog, not just because it's by someone who's on my favorite show but because it's so darn funny! And yeah, I think it'd be pretty cool to meet someone involved with LOST, although I'd be just as excited to meet a writer, camera person, set designer, etc, as one of the actual actors, especially since I'm afraid that if I ever met someone from a show I watch I'd slip up and call them by their character's name. Not that I don't know the difference between a real person and a made-up character, but I'm used to seeing someone referred to by a certain name it becomes something of a habit!

I hope this response wasn't too long-winded. Thank you for NOT letting a couple of pushy fans discourage you from making yourself available to the rest of us!

Yovanna said...

Super creepy. I agree, and way crossing the line. I don't know how well-known folks deal with that stuff. I'd go nuts. I once ran into Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith with their kids at Disneyland. Though I admit to being starstruck, I also didn't take photos for the reason I felt like they were trying to enjoy some fun time with the kids...like everyone else there. I felt it was too much of an intrusion to take a pic or ask for an autograph. I think there needs to be some common sense/ettiquette about that stuff. Yes it's great to meet famous folk, but respect them as people too.