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Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Current Obsession

At last, Advance Wars is back on my DS. Hands down this series is my favorite game on ANY platform.

The new game is called "Days of Ruin" and it is great. I play it every night at bed time and it keeps me up or I sometimes fall asleep on my DS system. I'm so caught up in the game that when I do wake up, in a daze with my game on, I fight to stay awake enough to finish the battle at hand before turning the game off. I play it on the toilet. I play it after showering while my hair dries. I'm rushing to write this blog because I'm about to play it some more.

My complaint about this new version is they tried to make it more serious and dark. Part of the fun of playing war on this game was the cartoon-like soldiers with their big round heads and eyes. See how cute they are? How fun is it to see them get blown away?

The soldiers in the new version are more "realistic" I guess. AND THEY HAVE NO FACES WHATSOEVER!!!!

I just think that sucks. I mean I'm still obsessed, but this new "grown up" version of Advance Wars just takes itself too seriously. Not only that, the main character constantly makes anti-war statements. What's that about? You create this game with WAR in the title. The whole premise is WAR.

See this is a great example of one of the ways the new batch of more serious characters just come across as pretentious. All this does is make the oodles of written dialogue that much more annoying to sit through to get to the next fight.


Ryan said...

Completely unrelated, dude, but now that the strike is (pretty much) over... are you guys going to shoot the rest of Season 4, or just wait and come back next year? Or do you know yet...

Brokenblogger said...

Ryan, respect Jorge as a human being not a character of your favorite show.


Manuel Chavarría Quintana said...

I love the classics, Mario and Donkey Kong!!

Saludos desde Chile!


Lissa101 said...

As the tech advances and they make certain aspects cooler, so much is lost in taking away the original designs. They just don't make them like they used to...

FETTS said...

I'm gonna go boy Professor Layton for the DS tonight!

Chase Squires said...

Dude, you hit on a major facet of war: dehumanize the enemy. Seriously. It's very sad, but how many of us would shoot a fellow human being?

Not me.

But a dehumanized enemy? A "jew" or "arab" or "redskin" or "redcoat" or "nazi" or "charlie?" ...

That's how war and governments and propoganda live. It's what we, as people, fight. I don't want to hurt any person. But in a video game? Well ..

I think too much. Let's have a beer, this hurts my head.

Daryl said...

damn i wish i had a DS! really enjoyed Advance Wars 1 and 2 on the GBA!

hi from Singapore Jorge!


Joshua said...

High-five, Jorge! Advance Wars is The Stuff (as we say on family-friendly blogs).

Unknown said...

I suspect we will see you playing it on the new episodes of Lost when you begin taping again. I'm simplistic as I'm addicted to my Freecell game on the laptop.

James Hernandez said...

Do you play in an internet league?

elainemarieg said...

Aha! So that's where you've been! I'm so happy you have this blog! I love hearing about anything you have to say, even if it involves bodily functions. :)

Rocky (Racquel) said...

sounds like it would be more fun with Sponge Bob and Patrick taking out the citizens of Bikini Bottom... :-)

I can't do video games so well since I get motion sickness. I know, I know - total wuss.

@iamjoeking said...

Dude! I saw you in Borders at Pearlridge.

I'm the "Previously on LOST" guy.


PS:What happened to your myspace? I deleted my old profile and can't find it now.

Unknown said...

Days of Ruin is pretty great. I did turn of the battle animations after two or three missions - they kind of suck the speed out of it.

But then, afterwards, I always return to my true love: Picross DS. I've played that game for days without an end, it's so much fun!

Lord Alfajor said...

Jorge, that game kick asses!! I been playing a lot with this new Advance Wars, I'm glad to know that you're a gamer too!

oh pook said...

I know nothing about DS but can totally agree with you liking the "old" more cartoonish version beter:)

dalek94 said...

Hi i have only just found this site and i have just moved to greece from england(i am half greek) and can i askdo you like doctor who, anyway what other war games do you like on the ds.

Please Type Legibly said...

I got a chuckle out of this. I'm a football widow who is on reprieve until draft starts. I was thinking your girlfriend is a "Wars" widow...Miss Jorge, whoever you are, I'm sending sympathy vibes your way. Boys and their toys...LOL...

Lils said...
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Lils said...

¡Hey,dude!¿do yo understand spanish?
Hola Jorge...ojalá puedas entender español, me encantaría que pudieras leer esto, me emociona mucho poder comunicarme con vos...
En la serie sos uno de mis favoritos, junto a Sayid, y hasta escribí un fan-fic que protagonizan ustedes dos, y una misteriosa mujer llamada Maya...se me ocurre que tal vez quisieras ver un poquito de que se trata, te paso el link


Te quierooooooooo!!!
Sos el tipo de amigo que me gusta tener...ojalá puedas leer esto,y si me contestás...me desmayo aquí mismo.

jen said...

Huh, that's funny, as I recently had a similar reaction to the new Final Fantasy Tactics game. I was majorly into Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and the follow-up release on PSP is good, buuuut... it's got that same Suddenly Serious vibe to it. I chalked it up to platform (it's my one and only PSP game.. I'm a DS girl at heart), but maybe this is just the new trend?

Joshua said...

P.s.: How much do the new Anti-Tank Guns rock? I love those dudes. At least when I'm the one using them and not the computer. ;)

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I like more serious looking characters. I was one of the few people who immediately dug the new look of Final Fantasy characters when they went from sprites to more realistic in FFVIII.

Yobtar said...

have you played it online yet it is way fun people are way better than I am. If you want to play an awesome addictive game play puzzle quest on the DS it is a RPG puzzle strategy game it is awesome check it out.If you do let me know what you think of it

Unknown said...

Hello Jorge!

regards from belgium and a fellow AW:DoR-player :-)

It is indeed a great game, but you should try warhammer 40: squad command too if you like AW:DoR, its also a turnbased strategy-game but at the same time its totally different, I like both equally :-)


redelf said...

My eldest son has decided to pass on this one. He had the first one and droe himself crazy. Me...Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney!!!

Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean! The good old days of Andy and Max arguing, Grit bothering Olaf..... *sighs* I don't know if I'll bring myself to get it.... What would be awesome, Jorge (and everyone else) would be if they like improved the graphics a *little*, kept all the old characters, and put it on XBOX Live!! That would be so awesome to play against yr friends online!!!

TakesaVillage said...

Be sure to pick up Via Domos when it comes out on the 28th.

DE said...

All I am saying is Silent hill... The new one on PSP is awsome!

ROSA said...

Jajajaj, i past the same with tetris!

Congested said...

this game is awesome. though the online play is annoying because ppl always disconnect....

ive been a big advance wars head since the gba... this is by far the best one so far.

DdlMoral said...

Ohh......Ohhhhh!!!! YOU PLAY ADVANCE WARS!?!?!?!? Now you ARE one of my Seven Gods (Jack Sparrow, Zeus, and some more...).

Grit is the best, it's obvious...

Sergio said...

Hi, you must see lagfiles, is a tv program from Argentina, just put in youtube lagfiles, and see.
The host is really crazy!!!

sorry for my english


TOTA said...

As Manuel, i love the classics, Mario, 1942, pac-man,prince of persia...among others. Sorry for my english, I know that is not good.

Greetings from Argentina

Congested said...

Okay... if your english is bad you don't need to say "sorry for my bad english"... i see this everywhere I go on the internet... we get it guys! your english sucks!... no need to apologize as 1/2 the ppl reading wouldn't be able to burp in whatever language it is you speak.

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