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Thursday, February 21, 2008

If you want it done right

Get a professional to do it. 
Here is a picture I took of me behind bars from an earlier blog. 
Here's the final version that was in my blog:

 I just wanted to show you MY version. See? When a guy who knows what he's doing does it, it kicks my homemade version's butt.  (Thank you Dave at mascots2go.com.)


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

awww, yeah! sylvester gettin' some props!

i still think my version was pretty good though.

groovymom said...

Dave's a genius. I assumed you had an acting job where you played a guy behind bars. I actually thought your attempt was pretty good. But yea - Dave's is better!

This made me laugh - thanks!!!

Sra que encontre en la web y le da un toque irónico al blog said...

are you some sort of mime?

chefmom said...

Ha! I thought the picture was real!! Nicely done!

ju k said...

Jorge i'm in love with your blog almost as much as i love lost...episode 03 kicks ass by the way, can't wait for 04. juliana, from brasil:)

Dave Sylvester said...

The attempt was good. Very. Although I was seeing little grey boxes flash before my eyes all day. Good mime work and love the blogs. :-D

redelf said...

You know when you think about it, photoshop is some scary stuff.

oh pook said...

I think you did a fine job with photoshop *winkyfaceguy*

Yeah... you probably know a professional or 2!

Unknown said...

hola Jorge podrias mandarme un saludo para mi cumpleaños? me llamo mauro y soy de argentina!! Muchas Gracias.

Unknown said...

hola Jorge podrias mandarme un saludo para mi cumpleaños? me llamo mauro y soy de argentina!! Muchas Gracias.

Charles Rigdon said...

Version 1.0 (your version of you behind bars) looks a heck of a lot better than I could have done. I probably would have resorted to using a sharpie marker, a piece of paper as a straight edge (since I am too cheap to own a real one...or a ruler, which costs what, $0.79?) and an old photo of myself...I'd also need a scanner to get the picture onto my computer. So, yeah, your version is definitely a worthy attempt!

Miss Scarlett said...

That's awesome.

Dave said...

That's flippin' awesome! I totally missed that this was photoshop-ed. *slaps forehead*


christa said...

dave. if you're reading this. get at me brother. for reals. have you SEEN my header image? hello nightlife epileptic seizure! lol.

jorge your version wasn't that bab man.

twisby said...

... but does Aaron count as one of the Oceanic Six???

Unknown said...


Speaking of photoshop: I think you better take a look at these recaps :)

Unknown said...


Speaking of photoshop: I think you better take a look at these recaps :)

DdlMoral said...

i wouldn't be able to make that effect... who made it?? he (or she) is God!

Fernando Espinoza said...

good one ;)

Irishcoda said...

How cool! I participated in a fun "Message in a bottle" meme and was struggling with how to decorate the picture. My daughter, who's an art major, offered to help me and I was real pleased. It DOES pay to have someone know what they're doing to lend a hand. :)

BTW, if you have free time, check out Mimi's meme at

The picture really fits in with the whole Lost thing and you have such a great imagination I bet you and your artist friend could have a lot of fun with this.

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

That's really good! Though don't discount yours, it's much better than what I could do.

...and I like what was asked earlier - is Aaron one of the six??? LOL!

Anonymous said...


I hope you get out of your BLACK IRON PRISON! Excellent picture!

seven said...

(completely off topic)

can i come live with hurley and sawyer? i'm a girl, which sawyer will enjoy, and i enjoy terrible movies and always buy beer. please?

Mambo Girl said...

btw, Jorge, your "scooby doo" line in last night's episode was AWESOME! I'm still smiling!

James Hernandez said...

Props to you Jorge for trying. I tried html for my website but I think Mr. Magoo could have done a better job.

zAi said...

hola! soy una chica española que por casualidad ha descubierto tu página. me encanta la serie en la que trabajas y queria decirte que eres un actor maravilloso, y que lo haces super bien.siento no escribir en ingles, no queria hacer el ridiculo hablandolo ya que mi ingles es pesimo...
Un saludo enorme!! eres maravilloso, un beso una fan de lost, y de ti:)

ROSA said...

Hey! You're more thin!

lolo said...

hey jorge je trouve que tu es cool sur cette photos au moins toi tu es pas quelqu'un qui se prend la tete tu as bien raison et surtou que tu es très bon acteurs big big kiss

Unknown said...

Te queda mejor la barba asi ;)

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