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Thursday, November 1, 2007

What is the shelf life of Golden Grahams?

The other morning I noticed a "magic eye" hidden 3-D image on the back of a Golden Grahams box.

And after pausing till I could see the surfer-shredding-like-only-a-Golden-Grahams-eater-can,

I thought to myself, "Wait a minute. Magic Eye?! Is this cereal box from the 1990's?"


maven said...

Can't believe I was reading your last post, just as you posted this Golden Graham question! I'd definitely look for an expiration date on that box! LOL

isbenz said...
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isbenz said...

Hi Jeorge, we meet in Rome last July, (i was one of the guy with the Dharma Shirt!). I would like to say thank to you for your time and for being so nice with us. I was searching if you had posted the photo you took with us... but i see you don't! Too bad... :)

Goodbye and thanks again!

priscilla said...

what i would give for a bowl of golden grahams right now. i think your blog is pretty dope, although i have a problem because every time i hear "coconut" i think of you. suggested solution?

Alvaro said...

y cuando te vas a dar una vuelta por chile?

ROSA said...

But... don't you eat some fruit?

João FB said...

Hi Jorge, from Portugal!
Love your work! Love your blog! Love youuu! XD

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

But does cereal expire? Doesn't it have a shelf-life of, like, forever?

Well, if you end up on the toilet all day (perhaps the one you wore around your neck), you'll know...

D S said...

Man, ask Ethan Suplee.

Capcom said...

Sheesh, good question to be asking. Or, are the Magic Eye pix coming back into style again? Nah. :-)

Tomas said...
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Tomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tomas said...

Hello Jorge, I am spanish, I love Lost.
I like very much Hurley, Desmond and Sayid, they are the best.
I have a question:
What is it? a shell? Whit a cover of the W.C.? hehe xD

Regards from Spain
Sorry for my bad english

Tomas said...

Sorry, I had posted my message in the mistaken post.

Sorry, i think that this post was the costumer post

christa said...


Paulo said...

Good point...

Hugs from Portugal!

D S said...

When the writers strike, Jorge, will you write one of the Lost scripts as a scab? I'd love to see a Mancoon encounter.j

Laura said...

It depends...you found it in a Dharma Station?

Great costume and amazing halloween gourd!!


halfbride said...

I was also confused when I saw that box. Sadly, I haven't been practicing my magic-eye skills since 6th grade and had to look at the bottom of the cereal box to see what the image was supposed to be.

............................. said...

Hi Jorge.

I am Gabriel, from Pamplona (Spain)

I am a recently fan of lost.

It has been a surprise find your blog.

Uff, my english is very bad, it is more easy write spanish for me.

Si alguna vez has escuchado hablar de la fiesta de los San Fermines (encierros de toros), estás invitado a venir. Sería un honor para mi y mi esposa conocerte y tenerte entre nosotros unos días. Te aseguro que lo fliparíamos todos.
Un saludo

Thes Siniestros said...

Hi, Jorge, our honor !
queremos saludarte y dejarte el link de nuestra banda, pa que la goces. somos de argentina

abrazo cuate

skatelost108 said...

Haha great foto!!I hope you don't die because you're great and your "dude" too!!

Anonymous said...

well, in my opinion, everything has a purpose, whatever...

p.s. i was 7 years old in the 90. Ha!

An 'Olá' from Brasil, or Brazil...

c ya!

Tomas said...

Jorge, I need talk with you, please contact with me.
I know that you are a famous person, but i am a big fan of lost and you, and i need talk with you, though only you say me "hello Tomás" or something, please.
Thanks, mi email is in profile of blogger.

Kate said...

Hi Jorge! I´m Kate from Czech Republic. I love Lost. It´s terrible, Lost have so long pause.I'm enjoying 4 season. It will be great!!! Can you disclose anything to us??? Please.
P.S. You are great and funny actor,I like Hugo, Kate and Sawyer.
Keep it up!!!

Unknown said...

loop dude....loop

Sawyer5665 said...

In my opinion, all cereals have the same shelf life. They are all good until they start getting stale. The moment that they lose that crunch and become stale is the moment that they need to be trashed......that's just me.

Indigo said...

Saludos desde Chile, Jorge!
Aca te queremos bastante!
Ojalá que luego nos visites!

Suerte con las nuevas filmaciones...
Espero con ansias verte de regreso.

Saludos al equipo!

venus said...

Hello Hugo! I'm a great Lost' fan I like you and Kate but I LOVE Josh, please give him a kiss and a hug from me.

Unknown said...

Dude! i love you!

Equipe Ideias10 said...

Jorge, best regards from Brazil. Hugo's our favorite character from Lost. Thanks for bringing Hurley to our lives.

Cian Taaffe said...

Hi Jorge,

You are an absolute legend. Love LOST and Hurley kicks ass.

Anyway, I'm one of the editors for one of Ireland's biggest college newspapers and I would love to organise an interview with you sometime between now and January (before the new season basically), which could be done over the phone or via e-mail.
I was just wondering if you would agree to that? I know you're extremely busy and probably wouldn't usually do interviews with Irish press, but if you realized how much this meant to so many Irish students, I'm sure you'd agree.
Over 22,000 people read this newspaper and for a small country like Ireland, that's a lot of people.
I'm sure I can't post my e-mail address here and I'm not sure how else to contact people through blogger, but even if you could let me know if you're interested in doing this interview through the blog, I'm sure I could get contact details to you (or vice versa) somehow.

Please consider this and either way if you could give me a yes, no or a maybe it would be brilliant.

Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

Cian Taaffe,
UCD College Tribune

Rah said...

Hi Jorge, wow... it's pretty nice to can read something posted by u.
I'm from Brazil and here we sleep and wake up thinking about Lost... lol lol lol.

Congratulations for ur job, i'm sure that Lost wouldn't be so amazing without Hurley!

Kisses from Brazil!

Rah said...

I saw that u like to see fan arts... so, visit this link:


xoxo ;o)**

Anonymous said...


For you, babe! <3

Anonymous said...

BTW, there's an awesome blog I think you might like. It's called STEVE- DON'T EAT IT!


Enrico said...

Hey Jorge,
could you possibly post something about what the heck is going on there with all the wga strike thing? How the atmosphere is, if you're still working, what you'll do if you stop filming.. y'know, these kind of things (or at least what you're allowed to say about it)..

Thanks and keep up the good work :)
Enrico (Italy)

em. said...

"hey dude" haha i just wanna say hi from a place call Chile, you remember it jorge? if you do, post me, i want to know where you born.



pichuneke said...

I remember the first time I saw a Magic Eye.

We brought the book and I was looking at it, at a coffe shop of Callao, in Madrid. I was... 13?

Anyway a friend of me (5 years later) was saying everybody that the book was false. It was a big conspiracy, because he couldn't see the 3D figures. And every single person that bought that book was lying :lol:

naná said...

hey boy!!!
i'm a brazilian fan!
you're the best!
we love you babe!
came to brazil to visit us!!


mamba said...

hi jorge!
can you tell us anything about the strike??

thanks! ^_^

maven said...

Jorge: How's the cast and crew taking the strike? What do you think about ABC announcing that they'll show the 8 completed episodes in Feb 08 even if they don't have the rest of the season finished?

Renee and Alex said...

Dude! Step away from the moldy grahams! Those went out in the 90's for sure...I hated them, because I could never focus long enough to see anything! Magic eye pictures I mean...I love me some Golden Grahams!

Renee and Alex say hi!

Unknown said...

Jorge please make a post about all the strike issue, we need to know what's going to happen next, we deserve it. First they cut down the show from 24 episodes to 16, then they take 9 months to start the 4 season, and now they going to gave us just 8 episodes??? it's not fear, I think i'm going to start to download the episodes illegally from internet...(I know it's not your fault)

*...[]@...^(Victoria)^...@[]...* said...

Borras los comentarios que no te convienen,¿por que?

Sawyer5665 said...

END THE STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

and now I say...why does everybody reads the box of cereals while eating?? Well at least we find magic eyes from 1990's :)
kisses from portugal (more exactly madeira island...google that if you never heard about it, will no regret it if you like nature)

Ralph- said...

There is this Eglish Style Pub in Fullerton and they serve this dessert called Sticky Toffee Pudding, and it is VERY delicous.

We went to the Pub last saturday and realised that Sticky Toffee Pudding's flavor resembles Golden Grahams...

ALSO, i went to High School with the guy who played "The Golden Boy" in the Golden Grahams' commercials!!!

Peace out Bro!

Unknown said...

dude, your my favorite caracter in lost. I heard that you might die on the next season, sucks man.
I know its stupid to write on your blog, I mean, you propably not be interested in what I say, but I wanted to writed anyway.
I read some of the post you`ve made and what I can see is that you are a great person.
I`ve just created this email so tht I could leave this coment, how stupid am I?
well, see you the next year. jajaja
guendalina from argentina

Sísifo said...

Hi Jorge, I'm a portuguese fan. I can't forget Trichia Tanaka is Dead. To believe and never loose hope is the most important in life... so we can live...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I don't know what to tell you on the Golden Grahams front, but I remember you saying a while back that you like fan art. I made something I thought you might get a kick out of. It was inspired by Damon and Carlton's jokes about a "zombie season seven" on the podcasts. :)


Ellen Gonçalves said...

Hey Jorge "Hurley" Garcia XD
Luv you guy.
Why don't you drop up in Brazil?
We love you here XD
Very nice your blog.

Daniel Berjano said...

you are god, and rolling paper experience are you favorite band, right?


Grant said...

Hey Jorge! Are you honoring the writers strike by not talking to us?

kelly w said...

you know what's scary? I bought a box of Golden Grahams last month that had that Magic Eye surfer. Clearly, their design division has limited resources.

Anonymous said...

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