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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh! And my Costume.

I'm an oyster with a pearl in it.


Dan Morton said...

HaHA interesting

Zarina said...

That is brilliant!

kanahina said...

hahaha - I love it! You should definitely win a prize for "best use of a toilet seat"!

: )

Alex B. said...

That costume is wonderful! but I agree with Kanahina: the oyster looks like a toilet seat..
Please Jorge, leave me a comment on my blog, I've wrote a post just for you! :)
my address: alecksbeat.blogspot.com
Please! please! please! :)
Hurley rules!:)

Jason McGillan said...

hmmmm..... well it is, uh, different!

Happy halloween from Australia.


CrazyJaney said...

Great costume. Really Oceanic ;-)

Grant said...

That's a good one. Very islandy, I would say.

Cordy said...

bonito dizfraz... jajajaa,lo de estar en la isla te afecta seriamente

Me said...

LOL!! Jorge, that's HI-lar-i-ous!

At first - have to admit - I thought you were a toilet. But now I see the "pearl" and your explanation helped.

Favorite Halloween candy?

(mine is candy corn .. yummm!)

rubbercement said...

wow... i just hope that was a new toilet seat.
where's the walrus and the carpenter??

Max Coronel said...

Loved the pearl detail.
I guess it would be a great costume to wear by your buddy Terry O'Quinn. And he would´nt need any funny hat!

Miss Parenteau said...

ohhh my gosh jorge, hahaha.
i almost wet myself seeing that.
good idea though! whered you get it from?

Columbus Cheap Chick said...

Very creative! But I thought it was a toilet seat, too!

Alex B. said...

I was thinking... where did you find an oyster costume on the island? Is it a disguise of the others? :)

Z said...


jmd said...

pure genius!

maven said...

Hahahaha! What a mind you have! Where did you come up with that one? The toilet seat "shell" is priceless!

ROSA said...

What're U doing?

ROSA said...

Don't drink so much...

Stephanie said...

Very creative, Jorge. Don't listen to those jokers who say you look like a toilet seat. Last year I went as Kate. No one realized I was in costume. If I dressed up this year I would have went as Liz Lemon.

Agustina said...

tengo mi fiesta de halloween atrasada, asi que la semana que viene te copio el disfraz!
Me encanto!
y las calabazas, estan buenisimas!

Honeybell said...

Jorge, you don't look even remotely happy . . .

Great costume!

PalmerEldritch said...

what? no Pearl Station jokes yet?

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

LMAO. What's funnier? The fact that you're wearing a toilet seat, or the expression on your face?

I guess clams DO have faces!!!!!

Westix said...

You just look so thrilled to have that picture taken.

D S said...

very pacific ocean

Unknown said...

I'm diggin' the costume, Jorge. Nice job.

Lynn Faruque said...

What a cool costume~~~you go!!

Capcom said...

Too funny! That pic is a keeper!

elainemarieg said...

I'm an oyster with a pearl in it. rofl !

Deprofundis said...


It´s fantastic!! You´re the best, Jorge.

Paulo said...

Nice costume!

Mareta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mareta said...

Hi there! I discovered this blog today, and I've read all it. Obviously I arrived here because I'm a Lost fan, but what surprised me is I liked this blog for itself, not for who writes it, and I think that's great! I love that you write things not related to the show. I'll keep reading, as long as you keep writing. Kisses from Valencia (Spain)!

Candy ~ Candy said...

Oh Dude!! U r an Oyster and ur head is a pearl! =)

U R a very Funny Guy!
I love ur personality!

Take Care a lot Man!

A big hug 4 U and kisses from Chile!


Unknown said...

haha!so funny! :D
thanks for posting this Jorge!

Unknown said...

Oh, your costume is fantastic!!! xD
very funny

Unknown said...

Jajajajajajaajaj, me encantó, buenísimo!!
Tu cara también está genial.

(Si queres visitame en www.fotolog.com/cande_1978)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, nice costume, I love it, very original, very nice. I'm boring, my costume was a rocker girl, but my friends say to me than with this costume, I was like Britney Spears, jaja.

1001 Petals said...

That doesn't look too comfortable.

Hope you had a good Halloween.

moni2f said...

juaa ... estas divino !!!

moni desde argentina

Unknown said...

0_0 wow!!

Mrs-Donut* said...

I love lost and you're my favourite actor ;) In czech republic, in Evrope, next Germany have you plenty fans. Good luck ... :)

Mrs-Donut* said...

And costume is very very great ;)

Spirit Crusher said...

I am Your fan!!
I from Chile!
Good costume!

LUIH said...

Eres el mejor, tio ;)


Giovana Samara (a.k.a MsRed) said...

Hey, Jorge.

Hello from Brazil!

Gosh you look a lot like a lost puppy in this pic! ;)
The idea was great, though! :)

Take care.

Kate said...

Wow, that´s great costume!!! You are really funny, Jorge!!! :D

You Can't Scare Me said...

Great costume Jorge. Hope you had a crazy fun Halloween.

G_xela said...

I love it!
I'm Graciela by Chile

I like you costume
I love Lost


Tharcy said...

ahahaha! very...unique. like it! :) love your work on lost.

FritadorDePastel said...

Really funny! :D

Unknown said...

In Italy we use to wear costumes only on Carnevale, but in these last 2 years halloween is getting very popular also here. Jorge come and visit our Carnevale in February wearinig your fantastic oyster suite! Ciao, Ele

Anonymous said...



Триглифо-метопный фриз said...

Haha!.. Plastic! I like it!

bondsbustyblonde said...

You are a Pearl Jorge.. Glad you posted the pics. Was very curious to see how a homemade costume would turn out. Dont think Ive seen one since the 90's lol. Great pumpkins btw. I like the ghost ship the best but they're all great.

Lili said...

Great costume! Did you make it yourself?

Anonymous said...


naked garlic said...

the best costume ever!i'm jealous :P ciao from italy

hajpannan said...

Man, cool costume! Hahaha!
I wish we did things like that where I live, Halloween it's just such a small things for us.. :( if we did have real halloween parties and stuff, I would totally steal your idea, mahaha x)

Eris said...

hahaha! love your blog Jorge! and the costume is great!!!! lots of kisses from Mexico :P

chadanddeanscrazyworld said...

LOL, This is to cute,
rock on dude!!!

Mr. Park said...

Jorge, is Lost filming shutting down because of the strike?

Noelle said...

I love the costume! Hey, you look really like an oyster! Good idea with the pearl=) Where had the idea appeared?

Ellen Gonçalves said...

I thought it was a swimmer within a toilet :P
Good you explained it's an oyster :P
Luv you Jorge Hurleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

Losteech said...

lol nice funny picture :D

Mick J said...

"I'm an oyster with a pearl in it."
No No No... Thats an egg shell half with a beard poppin outta a wokka waocca..wocca..game with duck tape wraped around the same "who left the seat up".....comment. hahahha... We Love You Man.....really...we do

Yo said...

HaHaHa! ;D

Andrés said...

jajaja muy bueno

Andrés said...

jajaja, que imaginacion para hacer ese disfraz...y que coraje hay que tener jaja saludos desde URUGUAY!

Hopefl said...

That is GREAT. I love it. What a creative imagination!

Koshka42 said...


Netanya Carmi said...

You are so creative!
(But you knew that.)

Anonymous said...

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