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Monday, November 26, 2007

A new Roy's tradition

One night after having dinner at Roy's in Hawaii Kai (one of our favorites) we noticed cats hangin around the parking lot at the "Kiss and ride."

You may not see them in this picture but you can probably make out their glowing evil eyes.
Naturally I had an idea. So now everytime we go to Roy's we make a stop at the grocery store.

And give them food. And then they all come out of the woodwork. The cool thing is we saw they had plates of food and water so I'm glad I wasn't the first one to think of feeding these guys.


Clara Beauty said...

I have 3 cats - all of them adopted. I love my kids :)
After have seen so many cats on the streets, I started taking cat food with me, in my purse, wherever I go.
Nice job! :)

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I officially love you now, Jorge.

I love animals more than I love most of my fellow humans -- so whenever I see kindness being extended toward them, it helps restore my faith in others. Thanks.

Avinash said...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with your actions, Jorge. Cats are inherently evil.
If you stare at one for more than 4 seconds in the eyes then it will maul you.

christa said...

the h kai kats! i think they have mini bomber jackets somewhere. ..

thanks for helping keep them alive!

Capcom said...

Gosh, feral island kitties?! God bless you and the others for your sweet generosity with them. :-)

And wow, all those eyes!

Josh Bennett. said...

Quite cool, I must say.

Please Type Legibly said...

Nice. Anyone who looks out for animals goes several rungs up the evolutionary scale in my books. Cute pictures, too.

Please Type Legibly said...

Oh, quick question, if you don't mind. What is a "Kiss and Ride?"

TakesaVillage said...

You are a one in a million sweetheart.

Maytevk said...

Hola Jorge!!
Eres una gran persona, muchos deberían de aprender de tu acción. En los jardines de mi barrio hay muchos gatos y gente como tu se dedica a alimentarles, detalles tan pequeños hacen que este mundo se convierta en un mundo mejor.
Un abrazo desde España

D S said...

Do you know the song "Kiss and Ride" by Bratmobile?

The photos in the grocery store were like Steven Wright humor- great great stuff.

maven said...

Jorge, I didn't know you were a cat person! I'm so happy to find out you cared about these cats and went out of your way to feed them. Hopefully, someone is trying to catch them and neuter them, too!

Marga* said...

So you even love cats? Now I love you even more!!! :)

Irishcoda said...

Awwwwww! Bless you for being kind to animals! All of our cats were adopted as adults and I'm aware that there are people who care for feral cat populations. Thanks for feeding the kittycats!

rachie said...

awwww...cute kitties! Thanks for taking the time to feed them, and like you, I'm glad you're not the first to think of it. It's nice to see someone's generosity extend to animals. My two cats are rescues and I definitely am the lucky one for having found them.

Eris said...

That's great Jorge!!! I found some time ago a cute little puppy walking in the street at night. I took it to my house, gave him water, even bought some food for him (that he didn't like by the way) then my friend and I looked up and down for his owner, all over my neighborhood and the puppy went with us, of course. Then another dog came by, and he ran off with him... after 1 1/2 hour walk.. we couldn't find him ever!!! hahaha!

@TedLannister said...

How kind and thoughtful of you Jorge!

dmagro said...

Hey jorge, que grande eres tio, perdidos no seria lo mismo sin ti jeje, espero verte en la cuarta temporada, un saludo desde españa.

DoraAlina said...


Jorge eres lo maximo!! me encanta tu trabajo, el personaje es genial y muy dulce.
Saludos desde PERU!!!

Paula said...

Hi Jorge :)

firts lemme say that i believe Hurley is the soul of Lost! If Hurley ever dies, i'll stop watching!! .... maybe :D

second: you ROCK!!!!!
i have 4 kits (kids/cats) all adopted and nurtured to health :)
you have a big heart!
Luv ya even more now :-*****

Bananaoracle said...

Wow, that was awfully generous of you. When I see the people in my community just sit and mope while there is so much wrong in the world but then I see people like you make it better and it just warms my heart.

Wow, that sounded gay.

ySBe* said...

ADORO LOSTTTTTTTTTTTT, es lo máximo que han podido crear, quisiera vivir toda mi vida viendo nuevos episodios, ojalá fuera infinita hehehe.

Kisses Jorge!...

Woodeene said...

Awww...too sweet. Taking care of feral kitties is a very good thing.

Hoku said...

Yummy! Roy's I mean!

Thanks for feeding our cats. I have 3 fantastic cats, one found on Sheridan st. when it was a few days old (by sam's club), and 2 from the hawaiian humane society. For those who asked, yes we have trap and spay/neuter/release here on Oahu. The people who feed the feral cats get traps from the humane society and bring the caught kitties there for the operation. Then they are released back where they were trapped. Some people complain about the feedings, but those cats keep our rat and mouse populations under control!

Thanks again Jorge, you just showed again that you have a heart of gold!

Anonymous said...

aw, that is too sweet. I am a softie for animals

What is a "Kiss and ride" by the way?

elainemarieg said...

You brightened my day! Thanks Jorge!

Anonymous said...

You are a very very very special person...god bless you...

José Luis said...

Qué bonico, dándole de comer a los gatitos =3 Muy bien hecho, man. ¡Ya hablamos, cuídate!

Ps. Eugenio Galvez said...

hi man!!! from chileee!!

saludos se que hay sangre chilena en ud...y excelente trabajo en los y tu blog esta notable...cuidese y seria un honor tener un post tuyo en mi blog

adios...a ver si algun dia compartimos unas empanadas o una cazuela ...u know !!!

The Lee County Clowder said...

We love that you're feeding those stray/feral kitties.

Be careful, though. Soon enough, you're gonna wind up adopting two or three of them. :)

bea said...

me parece fantastico que todavia quede gente que se preocupa por los animales.aqui en españa no es asi,me acaban de llegar noticias de que cierran una perrera...me parece increible....

Big Mama said...

Since I'm a big lady...I have to comment on the Roy's first...

We have one here in Palm Springs.


as for the cats...

I love me some strays. I let a couple neighborhood ones into my house.

Is that weird?

marcia said...

Very sweet of you, but man, cats are creepy...

Captain Mustapha said...

I wonder where they found the cat that appeared in "Enter 77." Maybe these cats are LOST actor cats waiting for the writers' strike to end.

Flá Romani... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flá Romani... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Looks like a horror film!
Like The Birds but with cats.

D S said...

The grocery store photos are the best photos on your site yet. It's like Steven Wright humor.

Anonymous said...

I love your generous heart! <3

Yo said...

Mi inglés es pésimo pero entiendo que compraste comida para los gatos abandonados. Una buena acción, eso habla muy bien de ti.

Saludos! ;)

Mongo Bombay said...


Not only are you one of the best characters on the Best Show Ever, you are also a decent human to boot. I love cats, and I wish more people were as thoughtful about taking care of them. I applaud you, sir!

maria said...

acaso queres ser el hombre más adorable del mundo?? *aunque pensandolo bien, la sensibilidad resulta con las chicas*
Despues de ver este post me doy cuenta q eres mucho pero mucho más "hombre", que cualquier otro que dice serlo, al hacer esto por los animales. Yo personalmente los amo, y te ganaste un pedacito de mi corazón. besos desde argentina!!

CarolinaBensler said...

I don't know in which language I have to speak but I know what to say :).

You have an enormous heart, it's a nice action what you do with these cats. It's really appreciate and lovely because not all the people love and respect animals.

Actions like this show that you're a nice guy ;).

A hug from Spain :).

sunny said...

We used to go chase the feral cats all the time growing up on de island. Maybe this is why cats dont like me.

stupid karma. or should i say kat-ma????? its a conspiracy.

i got nothing. good for you guys..good karma will follow you everywhere. (along with those cats...)

Cecilia Giannetti said...

hi from brazil!

you're so absolutely awesome! we luv you


Unknown said...

you're a beautiful man :)

Netanya Carmi said...

Here in Israel you can't take two steps without bumping into a cat. We don't have squirrels like they do in the US, we have cats. There used to be a rat problem here and during the British Mandate cats were brought over from the UK to deal with it. Now we have a cat problem instead. While it is good-hearted to feed them, it kind of makes the problem bigger, because then there are just more and more poor, starving, suffering, sickly cats. The money spent on feeding them should really be spent on neutering them so the problem doesn't persist.

I heard they're thinking about bringing in owls to solve the cat problem. (Those must be some hungry owls.)

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