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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mysterious creature in the water at the beach.

Hmm... what is that?


Unknown said...

Maybe that's Dharma shark?

christa said...



Honeybell said...

I'm not sure, but did you see the Dharma logo??

(so sorry . . . you know I had to.)

Sonne Crane said...

Doesn't look good... go hide in the caves! Oh, and by the way, I just read your older posts. Thans, Jorge, now I won't be able to watch Lost again without thinking "is Naveen going commando?"... XD *cough* does he? *cough*
Anyway, thanx for posting, dude!

Eris said...

don't know what's that, but don't get into the sea :P hehehe

Bananaoracle said...


Flá Romani... said...


Very Crazy !!!



Unknown said...

Alas, another day goes by with no info on Jorge's certainly awesome record collection. Snif! Of course if I was distracted by such a weird creature I probably would be running for my life too...

Please Type Legibly said...

Your stolen dolphin coming to play? I give up. Tell us already?

D S said...

Friends have talked about these kinds of freaky things a lot in the pacific. Is it a beaked whale? They're rare, look like a cross between a killer whale and dolphin, and are seen every day in the pacific. The thing is that there just aren't documentaries on them and people don't know beaked whales exist.

Hawaii Hackathons said...

Lanikai. What a beautiful beach.

Maybe a honu (turtle)?

Lynn Faruque said...

You are teasing us. :-) I'm glad I came here to see if you had posted lately. Like I mentioned on the earlier post of yours from another day~~~after getting banged up, it was nice to see this and make me smile. I loved your 4Q post, that made me smile too.

After the wreck I was really worried about Scout~~~so your post and thought about Nunu.

Love ya, Jorge.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

It's the Others' back-up submarine.

icerfish said...

OH CRAP, ITS THE SMOKE MONSTER!!! Its leaving the island and heading out for the rest of the world... FLIP WERE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scoutpost said...

Don't know what it is, but there's no way I'd go in the water to find out!
What do you think it is?

Anonymous said...

....I think it is Nessie!!!
No...it is a turtle...I hope...for you...
Have a nice day!

Gato Veliz ® said...

Bush spies??

They are all over the place......even the island

They Watching you!!! they watching Me!!!

.....or maybe just a friendly fish :)[LOL]

saludos desde chile man!!!

Monica aka petconnect said...

I don't care what it is, that water still looks welcoming. mmmmm. time for a vacation!

groovymom said...

Narwhal.........most definately Narwhal!

Alan P Harrison said...

Obviously the Loch Ness monster on holiday for the winter season. Its cold here in Scotland!

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