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Friday, November 23, 2007

Huck Finn feet

That's what my girlfriend calls them.

Yes life in Hawaii has taken it's toll on my dogs.

Many a day spent barefoot or in sandals has rendered them quite tough and often dirty.

I tried a pedicure once but it barely did anything.

Will my feet ever return to their baby soft state?

Oo! I thought I saw a ghost. No wait. Just a reflection. Where was I?

Oh yes my feet... I guess that's it.


drdan552 said...

uhh. uhhhhhh.. UHHHHHHH
barefoots always the way to go, but ew.

@TedLannister said...

Hahahaha..."Huck Finn feet"?

Man, that's great.

mari said...

they say that walking on sand (barefoot) is good to keep your feet smooth but you probably tried that already...

Avinash said...

Wow! Well at least if you've stopped filming for now they will go back to being Pampers quality.

Wicked haircut mate.

Please Type Legibly said...

Yeah, they will go back - eventually, and with some care. That, of course, will mean regular hot soaks and being worked over with a pumice stone and plenty of lotion. And it really takes another person working on you to get it right. Your girlfriend will be happy to hear this, I'm sure. LOL

Yane said...

Jorge...your feet..are so pretty...i´m in love!

hahahaha =)

but it´s ok....it´s for LOST! =P

(excuse my english..i´m a brasilian girl learning your language! =P)

ROSA said...

Your feet seems... Bigfoot's feet!! ;)

Honeybell said...

"Huck Finn Feet" . . . I love it. My husband calls me 'hillbilly girl' because I hate to wear shoes. This does not always work out during the winter time in Kansas though.

maven said...

Wow...Three posts at once! I'm so thankful!

I would go barefoot all the time if I could! I guess it's easier to go barefoot a lot in Hawaii instead of other places.

Pam gave good advice....soaks, pumice stone and nightly application of lotion (I recommend Dr. Scholl's moisterizing night cream)! Of course, none of the Losties would have smooth feet and skin, would they? Skin creams and lotions would be in short supply, unless there's a Dharma Moisterizer!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

If you get into bed with dirty feet like that, I feel for your girlfriend... hehe.

Sawyer5665 said...

What's up, Jorge! I dig the new haircut. So, I just saw the mobisode, "The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt" Very funny!! Are we gonna see more of Frogurt on the actual show?

Andrés said...

Ja ja ja, todo sea por LOST Jorge. Me pregunto si hablas fluidamente español, me imagino que si teniendo padres latinos. Aguante HURLEYYY!!!!! Saludos desde Uruguay.

Andrés said...

Ja ja ja, todo sea por LOST Jorge. Me pregunto si hablas fluidamente español, me imagino que si teniendo padres latinos. Aguante HURLEYYY!!!!! Saludos desde Uruguay.

sofia said...

Try an exfoliant for feet!!! They realy work!!! I had the same problem when I worked as a Hostess in Playa del Carmen!!!

Silvia25 said...

Hola Jorge....me encanta como actuas en Perdidos. Tu nombre es Español asi que supongo que lo hablas no?
Me encantaria que me mandaras algun e_mail, seria posible?
Si es que si te daria mi dirección!

Muchas gracias!


Silvia25 said...

Hola Jorge....me encanta como actuas en Perdidos. Tu nombre es Español asi que supongo que lo hablas no?
Me encantaria que me mandaras algun e_mail, seria posible?
Si es que si te daria mi dirección!

Muchas gracias!


Capcom said...

Well at least it looks like you still have good arches! :o)

Just soak, soak, soak.

TakesaVillage said...

Hurley,Is that you? Looks good man;and that feast looked really,really good.
I saw the mobisode,you were great.
I just wish that Libby had said;"Hey Neil,be a dear; please run to the hatch, and get some blankets for me?"

Irishcoda said...

ha ha ha Huck Fnn feet! I call mine hippie feet although now that I am a nana I must be dignified and wear shoes :P

Bananaoracle said...


Sue Wacvet said...

what will happen when you go back to work with a new haircut?

Andrés said...

Hola Jorge, espero no molestarte pero vi por ahí que te gusta ver dibujos tuyos que hace la gente y me animé a hacerte uno. No me dedico a esto por lo que me costó un poco hacerlo (aunque me gusta) pero sabiendo que tu podrías verlo llegué a terminarlo. Espero que veas este post y si tuvieras algún momento libre me gustaría que me respondieras "vi tu dibujo Andrés" y ahí directamente me enloquezco jaja sería la envidia de los demás jaja. Bueno, ojalá lo veas y como te dije espero no molestarte mucho. SALUDOS OTRA VEZ DESDE URUGUAY!! (Prometo no seguir molestando si me contestas je y te lo agradecería infinitamente).



Captain Mustapha said...

I just saw a commercial for something called 'Flexitol Heel Balm' and it sounds like it might be a cure for Huck Finn Feet! :)

Anonymous said...


...they smell nice...


Sawyercita said...

Hahahahaha, well this is very strange (sorry if my english is bad im from argentina)
Well Jorge, good luck in your actor career, you'r one of my favourites lost characters.

Pawel said...

Hi Jorge
My name is Paweł and I'm a fan of Lost from Poland.
I made something you could see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h76WXAxYsOo
It's season 4 opening scene. What do you think about it?
Maybe you can put it on your blog to more people could see that.

Flá Romani... said...

Jorge Garcia, I love you !!!

I've taken a picture of you from your blog and posted it in my own blog, do you mind? I can delete it if you want. Can I post a link to your blog in mine ????

kisses for you !!!!!

Flá Romani

moc815 said...

I don't believe I'm posting this.

Ok... so there's a skin care set for your hands from a company that rhymes with "Kary May"... called something like "Hatin Sands". It really does work. And feels de-vine, by the way... so It'll do the trick on your footsies. It's not expensive either. I'm not a sales person for it... but I'm sure you or your lady friend, could easily find one. Heck, tell your sister that's what you want for the Holidays. You're good to go!

Soccer mom - out.

So. said...

Hola. Mi nombre es Sonia y adoro tu trabajo en Lost. Soy de San Juan (Argentina) y te mando un saludo muy grande

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised your gf doesn't have those in check. Try putting tons of baby oil and lotion on your feet, putting a plastic bag over them, then socks. Sleep in it over night. Its annoying at first but they will be super soft.

il bocia said...

what do you do these days of writers strikes? :)

Anonymous said...

That's happends because you "andas a pata pelada", hahaha, you know what I mean.

oh pook said...

I get the "Huck Finn" reference with them being having what we like to call "perma-dirt"... but my first thought was actually "Fred Fintstone" feet due to the shape!! *smilefaceguy*

PS Lovin' the haircut!

consu said...

otra más que habla español por acá! haha chilena de corazón en alemania esperando poder ver la nueva temporada :P
gracias por las otras 3 anteriores!!

bondsbustyblonde said...


Man living in Hawaii must be horrible... =P

Rafael_Rio De Janeiro said...

Olá Jorge, como voce vai?
eu sei que voce esta dando seu maximo
na serie "LOST"...
voce esta de parabens...
saiba que eu sou um grande fã seu.

marcia said...

Well, if you start by washing them they will look a lot better already :P

maryy said...

I don t understand english but 3 words either for me- I LOVE U!!!

Erika Jean said...

wash 'em off real good and slather them in Vaseline, put some socks on and go to bed... they will be so soft the next day ;-)

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