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Monday, November 12, 2007

First Line of Defense

Got my flu shot last Friday. Now I don't want to be a wuss about it or nothing but it does take a certain level of mental preparedness to get a shot. And it didn't help that the lady administering the shot had the wrong needle on it. So she had to go and come back and re-swab my arm. So twice I had to brace myself. (Well not really brace, that kinda sounds like I tensed up and the trick is to keep relaxed while someone lances you.) But this is not what I meant by "first line of defense."

The other night I was woken from a deep sleep by someone hovering over me. Not literally. I mean her feet were on the ground at all times but she was leaning over me really closely. In my frightened and disoriented state all I could do was curse at her. I'm not going to get into what I said but it rhymes with 4Q. Imagine my disappointment. I mean, I immediately discovered it was my girlfriend so there was no danger. But still, my first line of defense against a home invasion is 4Q? 4Q home invader. 4Q.


Unknown said...

jeee, I didn´t know you have a girlfriend, post her foto please:)

Hoku said...

Wow I thought you were gonna tell a story about a hawaiian "pressing ghost" or something... a coworker dozed off once and awoke not being able to breathe-we teased him until I saw a mark in the shape of a hand on his chest. It turned into a real bruise!!! SPOOOKY

Dude...why was she leaning over you? She didn't have a pillow in her hand did she??? LMAO Juz kiddin!!!

emilyo said...

Hey you never know—a sensitive criminal may run off crying if you yelled that in his/her face enough times :)

That's hilarious. Brave in a way... I don't think I'd have the nerve to say 4Q to a potential criminal.

Carlos said...

Hilarious, what a scare! xD 4Q? I don't know enough english to know the meaning of that ^^U I swear I'm gonna study right now! See you!

Please Type Legibly said...

I hear you about the shot thing, Jorge. I'm a real wuss about shots. It's not a pain thing, because surgery is no problem for me (once the IV is done). A doctor almost killed me with penicillin shots when I was 5, and as much as I don't believe in "having issues", I seem to be stuck with this one. I feel completely stupid about it, but if I bite my lip and brace for it, I get through all right. (Pride keeps me from running for the door - LOL).

Anyway, too funny about your girlfriend. My husband has done that to me a couple of times when I was napping to freak me out. However, he likes to throw in an incredibly nasty face for extra fun. He gets more or less the same reaction.

Irishcoda said...

Thankfully it wasn't a ghost. I think they get really mad if you say 4Q at them and you don't want to have a ghost mad at you! Bad enough a girlfriend for cursing at her but a ghost? But it sounds like you were very brave for your shot. :)

David said...

4 SHAME, Using the devil's tongue! User of Profanity, thou art!


Miss Parenteau said...

Man, I got my flushot last week too. Hell on earth. And it's not any better when the scary nurse lady with yellow witch teeth's name is Candy. Now thats quite frightening, if I do say so myself.

And for the 'hovering' and '4Q's, no worries, i'm sure if it HAD been a burgaler or whatever else could potentially scare the living daylights outta you, they woulda ran for the door with a bunch of 4Q 4Q!'s from jorge garcia ;)

Grant said...
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Grant said...

Too funny. Not, er, the shot thing, but the girlfriend thing. The shot thing sucks. I'll tell you what though; I've got a 10 year old son, named George by the way, who has Type 1 Diabetes. He gives HIMSELF 4-5 shots a day, and it does not phase him. He's my hero.

kanahina said...

Yeah, my kids had their flu shots in October. They did it at school. I was worried as they were both pretty anxious about it, but they said it was nothing, they hardly felt it! Why didn't you get the FluMist, though, instead of the shot? My kids wanted the FluMist, but their doctor said they needed to get the shot due to long term health issues. :(

That was a funny story about your girlfriend! But, yes, why was she "hovering"? I sorta do something similar to my hubby - I just kinda stare at him and watch him sleep sometimes. But I do not hover from above, more like just look at him from my side of the bed...

I am glad that all you did was say "4Q" instead of something a little more violent, for her sake!

: )

Honeybell said...

I've mixed feelings about flu shots, so I'll leave that alone.

4Q?! You clearly are someone to be reckoned with.

john (not lennon) said...


I love your blog man, you're gas craic! Great story. :D

Javier said...

Tienes un lector de habla hispana Jorge.

First of all, I like your blog, and I like your Hurley. You both are very funny.

About your first line of defence, try not to say 4Q to a real bulglar, you may get shot.

See ya.

christa said...

almost grabbed one of those flu things over the weekend myself. i mean, i saw the signs at that new safeway complex infiltration over on kapahulu. then i remembered how many times i was late because of reduced lanes all year and decided i'd rather have the flu than support another strip mall.

rant. sorry. HEY! 4Q! that's some funny stuff jorge.

marcia said...

Now, if when I'm leaning over somebody (we can do that for many reasons, like to give a little kiss because the person looks like an angel when she/he's asleep :) this person wakes up and says something, I might have a heart attack as well...

Rayke said...

Discuss the writers strike, if you can/want to.

If not, you seem creative and funny enough. Please give me ideas for my MoonRussia cartoon. (See my blog...)

D S said...

One of the most common nightmares in the world is the shadowy woman in your room and the inability to move below one's neck. This is discussed briefly here:

But I saw a great Discovery Channel documentary many years back.

Capcom said...

You're so funny! I kind of get the image of your girlfriend hovering over you like Sigourney Weaver in Ghost Busters #1. :o)

JuliusCaesar108 said...

4Q? ROFL! :D

Man, that is too creative - I never heard that one before.

elainemarieg said...

I am laughing so hard, not just from you, but because of the comments! I had to read them to my son! Bunch of funny people!

bondsbustyblonde said...

,,|,, <[@_@]> ,,|,,


Ricardo said...

Well, you wouldn't last long at the island of "Lost" with an attitude like that! =]

Anonymous said...

LOL. If it makes you feel any better, the last time I heard a suspicious noise in the middle of the night I got up and walked over to it and said "Is someone there?" (Bear in mind I'm a 5'3" girl). Luckily, it was my cat. I really have no idea what I thought I was doing, potentially running towards danger and announcing my presence.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I had my flu shot two weeks ago and it made me sick for three days. Sigh.

When my mom gets startled, she hisses. Not much more effective than your, uh, 4Q.


I hate needles. Just thinking about a prick makes me sweaty. Ummm, that sounded weird. But when I got my flu shot I nearly passed out when they went to poke me.

Atheist Experience said...


jeje que agrado encontrar tu blog, te escribo de santiago de chile, espero que aun te acuerdes de este idioma jejeje.

bueno te dejo saludos y te deseo lo mejor, ademas eres mi actor favorito en esta grandiosa serie lost.


Lynn Faruque said...

Ok that was funny. :-) I'd be used to that anyway, my last name (not my maiden name by the way) sounds too hard for people and I have been called something like 4Q too many times to count!! LOL!!

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