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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Farewell to a Master

Well, I just found out an old teacher of mine just passed away. I want to write something about it. But how do I do this?

Al Mancini was one of my acting teachers at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. His best known roles were probably Tic Tac from the Coen Brother's MILLERS CROSSING and Tassos Bravos in THE DIRTY DOZEN.

Now I've said it before and I'll say it again I owe my carreer to the teachers at the Playhouse. They have molded me into the actor I am today. And Mancini was no exception. He always encouraged us to think out of the box. And not to show up to "play the scene." He inspired us to be creative and wild. His class was a place I felt safe to be bold and fail. But fail sublimely. And because of that, it was in his class that I had my most magical acting moment. I don't want to go into details about it because it's kinda hard to explain. But it was one of those rare moments that we often can only wish for.

"It is an honor to be an artist." Those were his words that gave me the strength to face my critical family members and friends every holiday season when an out of work actor finds himself taking stock in how his carreer is going. And he never let us forget that we are indeed artists.

Goodbye dear sir, no relish no hotdog.


Please Type Legibly said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Jorge. My youngest son says it best: "A decent teacher demonstrates. A good one explains. But the best teachers inspire." You're lucky if you ever have a couple of the best teachers in your life, in or out of the classroom. You should write his family and tell them what you told us, if they don't know about your blog. The greatest tribute a teacher can ever receive is the testimony of his students. Take care of you.

Honeybell said...

Lovely tribute. Losing people who have influenced who we become is always so hard. As Pam said, take care.

freckles said...

Wonderful tribute to an obviously loved teacher. True teachers are such a blessing to all of our lives. Thanks for reminding us of this.

Eris said...

sorry about that, Jorge.. but it's nice that you write this tribute to him.

It's always nice to remember the people that influenced us! Keep him always on your mind.

Hugs from Mexico

Capcom said...

That's the nicest tribute to a mentor that I have ever seen. I'm sorry for his passing.

And what a great quote for artists that he gave you. I'm writing that one down in my notebook. :-)

Irishcoda said...

That is a very moving tribute for someone who meant so much to you. I agree with what Pam said, I think it would be wonderful to share what you wrote with Mr. Mancini's family.

After my first husband died, what meant the most to me was the co-workers and friends who talked to me about the positives he'd brought to their lives. I bet his family would like to hear how highly you thought of him.

Joan said...

That was really moving from your husband's friends, irishcoda, and I'm sorry about your lost as well.
Personally I think that the best tribute to someone who died is using the knowledge that gave to you, and using it to be a better person. Thing that you, Jorge, seems to have it done in a positive way.

maven said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, Jorge. Your tribute to him was moving.

Anonymous said...

That was very sweet. I'm sorry for you loss. . .I suck at these things so I'm not sure what else to say, but I feel for ya. Also, I'm sure he's uber proud of you :)

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I'm sorry. :(

Your biggest tribute will be to bring your A game to every role you play -- which obviously won't be an issue for you. I'm sure he was already so proud of you.

Claudia Muñoz said...

Que lindo tu tributo.. siento tu pérdida.
Muchos cariños desde Chile..
Que estés muy bien.

wesb said...

I'm also very sorry for your loss. Those of us who are very lucky have had a few really special people in our lives who've made a difference and shaped us in a positive direction. And we can be really thankful they were there. As someone else said, one of the best things you can do is let his family know just how important he was in your life. Another is what someone once called "paying them forward."

Since we can never pay them back for all they've done, paying forward involves doing for some young kid what our mentors have done for us. That way, they've not only changed the world by changing us, but through their examples they've changed others, through us. It's a fitting, though silent tribute to them, and I'd suspect from your manner that you're already doing things like that, but I just thought I'd mention it.

Keep up the great work and thanks for being who you are...

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. :( (HUG)

Javier said...
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Javier said...

"It is an honor to be an artist."
That's awesome.

Sorry for your loss.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, one of the most rewarding things for a teacher must be knowing that you're teachings inspired your pupils to improve, I think your teacher rests knowing he achieved that. Best wishes from half the world away (Chile)!! My girlfriend and I are huge fans!!

Marcelo n' María Renée.

ROSA said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... beautiful!

Binse said...
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Binse said...

I´m sorry for your loss.
I know how that feels like because a very dear teacher i had passed away some weeks ago too. he was our science teacher... and very a very special guy, opened us up for the world alot, though i had my problems in that class cuz i wasnt interested in that stuff that much, he was cool.

somehow you always refer to teachers as a kinda "parent" person you look up to and i always thought about writing him a letter, asking him stuff about our world situation...but i guess thats too late now so ... with sadness i remembered one of my favorite quotes of seneca: while we delay, life passes by.

Unknown said...

Hola JOrge!!!! disculpa pero no hablo ingles, soy Federico de Argentina y si te digo que tengo un amigo identico a vos no me creerias!!!!!! son iguales, bueno un abrazo, a mi familia y yo nos encanta tu papel en Lost, cuidate, adios!!!!
Fede, rudiferia@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

Hola JOrge!!!! disculpa pero no hablo ingles, soy Federico de Argentina y si te digo que tengo un amigo identico a vos no me creerias!!!!!! son iguales, bueno un abrazo, a mi familia y yo nos encanta tu papel en Lost, cuidate, adios!!!!
Fede, rudiferia@hotmail.com

Jan said...

To fail sublimely.

That is an amazing concept that I'll be thinking on all day, Jorge. I, too, am an artist (musician) and I think you just changed me.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Is good to know when a teacher or someone than who teach you remembered you with love, or with happy. No have price.
Sorry for my english again, next post I'll do in spanish haha (joke).

Shadow Thompson said...

Wow, Loss is an issue we will all deal with at one time or another in our lives. Jorge your acting keeps him alive to all your fans and viewers of your work. It's quite obvious that his skill of teaching was something we will all enjoy for years to come as we watch you grow as the most awesome actor we all have seen for quite some time.

Dude, keep it real, keep it fun.

pichuneke said...

The Dirty Dozen was named in Spain "Los doce del patíbulo"

Patíbulo is the place where people is going to be executed.

Renee and Alex said...

When I got the call this weekend, Alex and I were walking the dogs. It was very sad news. I know AL loved you and your work with him at the playhouse, and beyond. It's nice that someone who has achieved your level of success has not forgotten how he helped mold you into the the man you have become! I know Al changed my life forever! And while I hadn't spoken to him in 3 years or so, I thought of him often, and his life force will be greatly missed. Thanks for honoring him.

biba_46 said...

Jorge I love your charactter in "Lost". You are so lucky of being part of that series, all the cast and crew seem to be really talented, plus you get to live in Hawaii!! I hope "Lost" continues for a long time..
Love you!

Capcom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who partakes!

luis said...

hola como estas simplemente queria comentarte que me considero fan de lost y queria destacar que admiro tu trabaja ya que reprecentas sinceridad
sencilles y humildad aparte de simpatia esto logra en mi una afinidad muy particular con el resto de los actores del programa ..te agradezco por esta oportunidad que nos das de llegar a vos muchas gracias un gran abrazo de argentina y muchos muchos exitos...

Natália Pastorello said...

We are your brazilian fans!!!
Add us on MSN Messenger:
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We looooooove you!!!
You rock, dude!!!

Technocracia said...

Thanks to your blog I've got to know you better, I enjoy your character in Lost, and I think the work you do as an actor is the best tribute you can pay to your mentor.

But as funny as Hurley is, I like the person you are better.

Receive my best wishes.

Paulo said...

It's so sad when we hear that someone that made our life somehow better passed away.
This is a righteous tribute from you.

Hugs from Portugal, Jorge!

Shamash said...

Hi Jorge,
Firstly, congratulations for your character in "Lost" (a great work). You´re very nice and funny. You make us smile much.
We´re writing you from Spain and we are fans of your TV show. So much that we won a game show organized by FOX Spain (this is the channel which broadcasts "Lost").

The award is a travel to Oahu to know the "Lost" filming locations and more.
We will be in Honolulu between 2nd December and 6th December included.

Could we have a meeting with you?. If it will be possible, we would be the happiest in the world!
In return, we will invite you to eat "paella" (spanish food) in Spain or a lunch or dinner in Oahu, as you prefer (I promise you) ;-)

We are waiting for your response!!
Excuse our bad english. El español lo hablamos perfectamente.

Un abrazo!!,
Carmen & Jorge

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I know you posted this more than half a year ago but I just want to say that my thoughts are with you.

As I was reading this, I was brought to mind of one of my tutors (I'm currently studying Acting & Performance in Scotland) and he is truly one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. He adores his craft, is intensly passinate and has no time for those who see coming to class as a chore rather than a privelage (which it is, it truly is a privelage). He is a wonderful man and from what I gather, your tutor was too.

Good luck with your career, Mr Garcia; I have to say that I've been following LOST since the very beginning and have fallen in love with it. It is my visual smack, if I was to be typically British about it :P Hurley, Sawyer and Jin are my three favourite characters and I particularly love watching their scenes together (Trisha Tanekka is Dead is my favourite episode)...the developing relationship between Hurley/Sawyer makes me intensly jolly! Evangeline Lilly is one actress who I really admire (and look at constantly for inspiration in my acting work) and I'm glad LOST has brought forward such a huge cast of talented actors.

If I could have worked on anything it would've been your show but er...unless Locke had an illegitemate Scottish 20 Year Old Daughter that nobody knows about I don't think that's likely to happen. It looks like so much fun and I hope you continue to enjoy yourself with it!

Take care Mr Garcia! All the best.