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Thursday, September 6, 2007

M. Night

So I'm watching Lady in the Water this morning while I do my emails. Not the best idea because there's stuff to pay attention to.

So. Anyway... (SPOILER ALERT)
Three TREE GORILLAS (as in made of tree branches) just dragged away a GRASS (as in made of) WOLF.

It's like he keeps trying to trump himself.

It's like when you go to a restaurant and it's kind of a competition to see orders the best meal. He's the guy who orders the chocolate milk.


Honeybell said...

Haven't seen this one yet . . . I love most of his movies though. Kept hearing how bad it was and didn't want to be disappointed. 'Signs' was my favorite.
*wonders how difficult it is for an actor to enjoy movies or tv, knowing all the 'behind the scenes' stuff you do*

Capcom said...

Interesting point on how M.Night might be turning into his own worst enemy, in competing with himself.

I didn't pay to see this flick due to the reviews touting it as being very high on the lame-o-meter. But maybe I'm not the most objective judge of arboreal monsters, I thought that the scary topiaries in "The Shining" were kind of silly too.

Unknown said...

He lost me at the Village. PU!

Mayra Menezes said...

hmm.. it was not the best of m.night...
i liked all his movies...but this one, i think i'll watch it again...
maybe it was the bad date when i watched that made me dislike this movie even more -_-


see ya jor

Unknown said...

Hey .... I loved Lady In The Water. It wasn't meant to be a scary movie (although the trailers misrepresented it) and it was a great fairytale.

Unknown said...

I got worried when they said the girls name was story!?!

hehehe grass monters made of wolves, that you can only see in a mirror!?!

Hope your doing well Jorge, good to know you get to occasionally get a break from shooting.


Question Mark said...

That's pretty crazy. What next, a guy who can see the future and a living smoke monster?


Cool_Freeze said...

Lady in the Water was a movie to watch...late at night...when you are extremely noncaffinated...thats when it's good. =] It's good though..I liked it.

Hoku said...

I like his movies too, he uses a lot of irony and I like surprises! My favorite was Signs. I also like Quentin Tarantino flicks, especially Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction...

baby_with_gun said...

What a twist.

Cool_Freeze said...


Drew Buerhaus said...

I officially love you, for this post.

Fernando Espinoza said...

two of my favorite M.Night's movies, are Unbreakable and The sixth sense, signs wasn' t bad, but in the village I was a little disapointed, Lady in the water was mmmmmm...ok, but I watched it only because of Bryce Dallas :P

Greeting Jorge...

ROSA said...

The Spoiler is about the film or... Lost????? ;)

--thefox-- said...

You know what Jorge, I have your blog on my favourites and I check it every day. And you never fail to make me laugh dude! Ive never even seen this freakin movie but I still chuckled at that!

david alandí said...

shymalayan nunca sabe muy bien como enfocar sus obras pero la película es bonita

Erik said...

I actually like the movie as I didn't have any expectation for its quality ( I didn't know Night was the director ).
The story was quite entertaining. Not the best movie I have ever seen, but worth watching nonetheless.
Of course you should never do two things at the same time Jorge, only women can multi-task

Unknown said...

He orders the chocolate milk, I order the Irish Coffee... :) I need it after that grass wolf scared the bejesus out of me.

40something said...

He orders a chocolate milk, I order the Irish Coffee... :) Cmon, I need it after that grass wolf scared the bejesus outta me!

2costa said...

spoiler alert, bruce willis is really dead

Flapper Flickers + Silent Stanzas said...

I really wish they'd stop advertising M Night's movies with a horror bent and just present them as they are: brilliantly told faery tales. I loved Lady in the Water and thought The Village was one of his best.

Jennifer ^_^

La Momia said...

no me gusto mucho la pelicula esa!!
te mando muchos besos Jorge!!

2costa said...

its weird how nobody ever talks to each other on this blog, always just individual attempts to get Jorge to notice them, even though, I may be wrong, he has never put a comment. I don't wanna sound like a malcontent, but I'm just saying...

Infinitas letras dispersas said...

Te escribo desde chile
un pais que te trea recuerdos supongo...
me es grato saber que un "chileno"
trabaje en una serie tan connotada como lost... te mando saludos, ojala te pases.

Joana said...

Hi Jorge, I post from Brazil.... how you doing?

moc815 said...

I need to see that movie.

My daughter will only take her milk money to school when it is a chocolate milk day.

Unknown said...

Hola Jorge,

¿Cuando te escribes un post en Español?


Ángel said...

Hi Jorge!!

I still remember when i watched "Lady in the water" in the cinema, with two or three friends. When it finished, it was like...


Don't know... Our friend M. Night might be having sleeping problems, or something. At least, we could see Mrs. Dallas Howard and Mr. Giamatti.

It could be worse..., it could be raining, couldn't it?


Capcom said...

I don't know 2costa, I think that we are all just being polite and replying to his post comments, and making an attempt to keep it friendly and on point. :-)

maven said...

I guess Jorge might just be a little too busy to sit here all day and reply to everyone's comments or questions, 2costa! It's just fun hearing from him and we're all getting to know him a little better!

Jorge: I hear you're signed on for DarkUfo's Lost Fantasy League. Hope you don't have any advantage over the rest of us!

2costa said...

Maven and Capcom I respectively do not include you in my gripe because you just proved by adressing my comment that you play well with others. I think you misinterpteted what I was saying. Capcom I agree that friendly and to the point is good. Maven I agree that Jorge is too busy to reply, all the more reason that Jorge fans should communicate more with each other and basque(no offense to any poster from spain)in the grandure that is Jorge. I was by no means trying to get Jorge to respond to our pithy thoughts. It was more an appeal to the people who comment on here to respond to each other as well as give Jorge feedback on his Posts.

maven said...

Point well-taken, 2costa! This blog is entirely different than the interaction we experience over at The Lost Community. Maybe it will evolve over time as the "glow" from talking to a Lost cast member diminishes. Hope the "glow" continues :)

Pako said...

Eres una anciana.

Pako said...

Hello Jorge, I invite you that you see in my blog your similarity with a Spanish rockstar.

Look at this here.

bondsbustyblonde said...

I liked the story of Lady in the water. I liked all of M. Nights stories really.. I wish they would stop portraying his movies as scarey as well and just let them be a story to tell, because thats what they are.. We rarely get good farey tales any more and this was one I had not heard before so I was glad he shared it with everyone. Also QUENTIN TARANTINO ROCKS!!!!!! \m/ <[@_@]> \m/

What do you suggest we chat about 2costa? All eyes here...

bondsbustyblonde said...

Doh! Pans Labrynth was a good farey tail.. If you dont speak spanish you will have to read the subtitles which I had to do.. I didnt mind however because I thought it was a good movie..

Spoiler Alert::::::::::::

Only part that bugged me is when she ate the food..Why Oh Why Oh Why!!

Capcom said...

I see what you mean 2costa. :-)

Well, a blog like this one is bound to have a different atmosphere than one run by fans only. It's only natural. I think Maven's right, things may loosen up as time goes on.

But as it stands, it's still fun to read your thoughts Jorge, and those of the fans posting as well. :-)

2costa said...

pako that is hilarious

2costa said...

capcom i wholeheartedly agree

2costa said...

i was more talking about the people that put crazy requests of Jorge anyhow. Like Jorge i've got this fundraiser coming up and i was hoping....you get the picture

Cool_Freeze said...

HAHA 2costa I agree. Yet I only comment this blog once in a great while...

I am always so busy being a LOST fanatic at some other blog when I have the time to sit down at the computer. =]


surr said...

he was cooler when he shot stuff in philly.

and umm... hi 2costa?

how are you doing today. i said i though that m. night was cooler when he shot stuff in philly.

am trying this with a google thing... *wonders if it will actually work*

Steven said...

Oh, I saw Lady in the Water. It was actually okay, I still think the 6th Sense in my favorite. Althought that may change pretty soon... he's doing another movie called The Happening and Zooey Deschanel is in it so that will probably become my favorite as soon as it's released. :D

Oh, and this is my first time posting here. You can thank "ann marie" for linking me here. :)

surr said...

steven how dare you blame me for such atrocities! heh

p.s. i am surr from the fuselage. no idea what my real name is doing here. i am confused.

Steven said...

Neither do I, it says Steven, but my username for here is sjb121590.

And they are not atrocities, they are facts. :P

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kats said...

I'm very big in that competition for ordering the best meal. I'm SO PROUD when all the rest of the table looks at my food and wants it... Pretty crazy, hah?

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