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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My return to this blog.

So I always have had this notion that someday I'd come back to Hawaii for good. And when I do I would re-animate this blog and continue the story of my island life.

What I did not expect was that I would be joining the cast of Hawaii Five-0 and thus I would find myself back here sooner than I anticipated.

So here goes...

I admit that Further Dispatches  has kind of gone ignored since I started using Twitter  and Instagram but we're going to see if the setting and the downtime while I'm still island bound may inspire longer pieces here.

And to kick it off with a lot posts for August I decided to do a new 30 day drawing challenge. Found this one on the internet looked like fun.

So if any of you want to join me in this, I'm going to start on August 1st. If you want to see pics from the last time I did this you can find them here: 30 day drawing challenge days 1&2

Alright onward.


Jazzygirl said...

Good to see you again!

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