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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Biggest Flake

I found the largest flake I had ever seen in my cereal.
It was so big I had to get a ruler out to measure the thing.
Is there any kind of world record for big flakes?

I thought we might be in the running until I found this.


Joan Crawford said...

I once had an 'x' land on top of my bowl of cheerios.

This is exciting if you, you know, get excited about big cereal flakes.

So...do you like stuff?

Topanga said...

It looks like a chip. I wonder why nobody has invented bran chips? Chips that are actually good for you! They could grind up the bran and mash it into formed shapes and sell them in a can, like Pringles. Add different flavouring, like honey-graham or vanilla-almond.. or even the traditional salty chip flavour. It would be great! How many people would eat their daily recommended serving of fiber if they could eat it in chip form?!

That big bran thing on the other page reminds me of the sheets of cardboard the dry-cleaners use to tuck inside my father's dress shirts.

Topanga said...

I, Topanga of Nova Scotia, being of sound mind and body hereby claim the above idea as mine original idea and forbid ANY corporation from making bran chips in any way, shape or form unless they sign a contract with my which would make me rich, like those guys on Shark Tank.

So let it be written.. so let it be done.

Thus signed by Topanga, virtually on this day, Nov. 7 2009 on the World Wide Web

You heard it hear first.

ArtforLife42 said...

you flake looks tastier. that big one looks iffy. I wouldn't risk it.

ArtforLife42 said...

your* flake.

btw you should check out the site that Maria from ryanandmaria.wordpress.com sent you about Michael Emerson, it's pretty good!

Jessie Rayot said...

Dude, you have too much time on your hands (for now at least!)

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

hmmmm, that huge raisin bran flake looks suspicious.

to me it looks like some started eating their wheat flour crepe and then folded it and thought it looked like a bran flake.

i think it's a fake!

Zindy S. D. Nielsen said...

Hi Jorge,
I really don't mean to spam your topic but I was searching for a way to contact you privately but being new to blogspot I wasn't able to find a way. Thing is, I recently did a drawing of you that I would love for you to see.
I hope you like it:
All the best,

Erin said...

Yikes! Wow, that is one big flake!!

Jennifer said...

The one you pointed to is a big huge flake, wonder how it made it past inspection. You should definitely look at Zindy's post. It is a very cool drawing. Maybe you could even put it on your blog.

Roxanna said...

I'm pretty sure that the hand in that other picture is just really tiny. Your flake is probably much bigger! :P

Also, I mailed you something today. I hope you get it.

:) Roxanna

Joan Crawford said...

That drawing by Zindy is phenomenal.

Also, that pic of the giant flake made me feel all oogy and bad about life in general.

yellowdoggranny said...

dang, you could use that 'flake' to dip salsa with..

James Hernandez said...


Wow what a coincidence I just lost my scab collection. And I had one just that size and shape. :P

Jorge Garcia said...

Yeah Zindy that's a sweet drawing. It came up in my google alerts when I was checking my emails on my phone. I hadn't gotten a chance to check it out for real until now.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful drawing of you by Zindy! Your eyes are already very expressive and even moreso in the drawing.

Love seeing you just as you are. :)

How's the herb garden coming along?

Hi,soy rocio! said...

hum!!! me dio hambre!!!

Dr Mum said...

maybe bran flakes start out as huge bran-blankets and go thru a mangle or something.
How many calories do think your flake was?

Paul Spooner said...

I DARE you to make one of these:


you're gonna need to buy a massive cup for the tea though...

rr8004 said...

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Eugen Caitaz said...

I am agree with Beth!!! I think what is something that is not from Planet Earth!

Nienke said...

Dang, that's huge.

By the way, have you seen this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwICmPYCXdM) video? It's a Lost parody of "We Like Sportz" (The Lonely Island, Andy Samberg's band!)

Hope you don't mind me linking to it (I didn't make it though) but I thought you might like it! The "I <3 my shihzu" shirt makes an appearance in it :)

jennY said...

that "other" flake is an imposter!

mmariona said...

I just love coming here to see what new and funny stories you have to share. I think you are awesome!!!!

Laura said...

Hi Jorge,
Greetings from Madrid!

First, congratulations on your blog, it’s very interesting!
Amazing you what your flake, I still I have not found any that big, it's great!

E.B. said...

Oh man, that other large bran flake you linked too kind of creeped me out!

Malea said...

It's the little things in life that keep us going, isn't it?:) Hey, I checked out that drawing Zindy did. It's pretty amazing. That expression she found is great!

Kelley said...

Mutant cereal rules.

Rosa y Dani said...

Hola Jorge!
Nosotros somos unos alumnos españoles, fans de la serie LOST.
Tú eres nuestro personaje favorito y nos gustas mucho! Tu blog es muy divertido y nos reímos mucho leyéndolo.
Nos gustaría que nos comentases en nuestro blog, sería un placer.
Un saludo de Rosa y Dani


Anonymous said...

What flakes you have there, my boy! Muahahahaha! Just kidding, Jorge! Thanks for your great posts with terrific pics! Looking forward to seeing you on LOST this season! Oh, the wait is killin' me! LOL! HUGSSSSS

Boyhowdy said...

Don't really have anything clever to say about large flakes, but I do want to extend a big 'mahalo' to you and 'Famous' Wally Amos for the Hawaii Public Library PSA.

Joaquin Joatcher 1 said...

That giant flake looks like someone's sunburn. Sorry, had to say it. Also, now I can't get the image of George Hamilton out of my head.

cathescomicz said...

after seeing the topic title- I thought, "AH he knows me!" Give Beth big hugs from Vegas.

Anonymous said...

ooooohhh it's hugeee!!!
eres el putoo amoo el mejoor

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Jorge, you have just given me the biggest laugh of my week! Thank you! I am the owner of the "World's Largest Bran Flake" photo over on www.youpublish.com.

I read through all the comments here on your blog and just couldn't stop laughing.

We truly found that bran flake in a box of Raisin Bran. The hand in the picture is my son at age 12. It is a better gauge of the size of the flake to look at 20 oz box that is beside the flake. That box is the box the flake came from. It isn't an imposter flake, it isn't a crepe or any of the other fun & funny ideas you all thought of.

I have never heard of someone feeling "oogy and bad". Not sure I want to know what that feels like.

If you like this sort of thing, be sure to check out our ginormous grapefruit and other odd photos. Just check out publications from CompleteLee, LLC on youpublish. Here's a link for your convenience http://www.youpublish.com/people/1900/limit:30/page:1/sort:Publication.published/direction:asc

Thanks again for the laughs!

Marika & family

Karen said...

Hey I heard you got to meet my friend Colin last week on the set!

It was so great for him to be able to do that and so great that you everything came together like it did for him!

Thanks for the support of his fight!

-Karen in VA

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It also looks a lot like New Jersey! You should totally send the photo of you preparing to eat the flake to the magazine Weird NJ. They always publish pictures of food that looks like New Jersey.

Anonymous said...


I have a flake that measures 5.5 cm.
Is that large compared to the one you
found? Are you using centimeters in your


Anonymous said...

I found a 5.5 cm flake in my cereal!