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Monday, October 12, 2009

Got Halloween Fever

I'm getting amped for Halloween this year.
I bought a bunch of decorations and I'm still buying more.
I'll show you how I do the yard when it's done.


IslandPearl said...

Cool...did you check out FloraDec on Nimitz? They have the best Halloween stuff on Oahu.

Brian O'Blivion said...

Halloween is awesome! Scary movies, pumpkins, CANDY CORN, girls dressed up as bunnies, devils, and vampires, you gotta love it!

...is this a good time to ask about the 7th, or 'zombie' season of Lost?

Paul Spooner said...

My little boy want's to dress as a fairy! I tried to persuade him to be a wizard, or even a witch, but he is insisting on the fairy costume!

Whatever he chooses, he will be COOL!

Ezequiel said...

Here we dont celebrate halloween, it looks funny :D

Petra said...

Awesome. I can't wait to see your pumpkins this year!

: ) P

Nene said...

I bet it will be scary as hell, Plants vs. Zombie-Style.

Eugen Caitaz said...

You already think about Halloween? I thought that you are going to do a suit himself, I think what it would be funnier and more interesting! But .... and it would be cool! You will be like your geckos skeletons ! :)

Eugen Caitaz said...

Jorge!!! Look on my suit:

~Karen~ said...

You always do a great job with Halloween. I especially love your creative costumes.
My big Halloween craft this year is making vintage "poisons/venom/virus and serum labels for bottles and potions.

Alisha Rene' said...

SWEET! can't wait to see the full effect!

Tammy said...

We decorate up for Halloween, but it's not too scary. WE have a graveyard in the front yard and the house gets fun touches throughout. It has to be 2 year old friendly though.

Javier said...

Invite us to your halloween party ^^

Unknown said...

The skull fogger is AWESOME!!! I scored one on clearance last year and am VERY impressed, worth $7.

We put our stuff up Sept 27. Junior bugged and BUGGED us to decorate. We got everything up and he was ready to take it all down on the 28th because it was scary. That's the point, right? (It's the ghost on the string that gets his goat. Kinda "fun" watching him run in and out of the door.)

Thomas said...

i remember your pics from last year halloween... they were great. and im sure youre able to lift up the edge again.

one year... damn, time flies.

Kashmir said...

When asked about my favorite holiday, my answer is always HALLOWEEN!

Enjoy decorating. It is going to look great!

Topanga said...

I'm a party pooper! I don't like Halloween. It stems back from when we lived in our old house in a very popular neighbourhood. People from all around would drive to our neighbourhood to drop their kids off at one end and wait for them at the other. We'd get hundreds of kids. It was exhausting.

Now we live on a step hill in between high traffic Halloween routes. Kids can't be bothered to walk down or up the hill to our house. Last year we didn't even get as many as 20 kids. I think shutting off all the lights and pretending we weren't home may have had something to do with that.

yellowdoggranny said...

my favorite holiday..I found the perfect costume for me...it's called a 'holy shit'...(which is my favorite expression) it's a brown baggy looking costume with a angle halo ...'holy shit'...i laughed so hard i hurt myself.

Beena said...

Can't wait to see the pics of how you decorate your yard!
Maybe if it's scary enough it will keep drunken people from sleeping in your trees since the sprinkler didn't work last time! (wink)

cjcat said...

I haven't been decorating for Halloween much anymore since we retired to the mountains. There are only four houses on our road and I'm on top of the steepest hill. I deliver my Halloween treats to the only two kids in the neighborhood and to my grandkids.

However, last year I ran into a killer sale after Halloween and I couldn't resist. I loaded up. Now if it would only quit raining and flooding, I could decorate.

My favorite bad movie from the weekend: Warriors of Virtue. Why? Kung Fu Kangaroos!

lost-815 said...

the first photo rembember me the brother of mr. Eko :-)

Erin said...

Creepy! I bet your house is quite the sight on Halloween!

Jeremiah said...

I'm looking forward to your costumes and pumpkins. You've got seriously mad Halloween skills, dude.

James Hernandez said...


My plan for Halloween is to turn off the lights and let all the 'trick or treaters pass on by!' I'm a mean SOB this time of year! :P

moon said...

I ♥ Halloween!

19 more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
19 more days to Halloween
Silver Shamrock!

Lisa Chin said...

Have you started to carve any pumpkins yet?

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Oh cool! Scary stuff. In Brazil usually we don't celebrate Halloween.
"Invite us to your halloween party ^^" [²]
"Rest in pieces" LOL
Hugs Jorgeman!!!

mabochda said...

wow can't believe it's that time of year again. seems like yesterday when you did the last pumpkin carvings. time flies!!

Christina Bauer said...

Awesome! I love when people deck out their houses for Halloween. So creative!

Cat said...

I love the photos and Halloween is my favorite holiday. A few weeks ago I bought a '66 Cadillac hearse, something I've wanted for a long time. I will be spending Halloween and the night before it on two paranormal investigations. Will be a lot of fun. Hope you have a great time, too.

Dr Mum said...

I really only come here to read
Yellowdog Granny
Paul Spooner
and Jenea

Unknown said...

pumpkin idea:


Jules said...

Are you going to have another pumpkin carving contest?

Johnny said...


We got your mail and wanted to say thanks for the quick response. You and Bethany rock!

John and Winna from Nobu

Unknown said...

You should make graves that say all the names of the character on Lost.

Except for Hurley's. Mwuahaha.

Movie Star Wife said...

I can't wait to see your pumpkin carvings this year. Have you started that yet?

Tami said...

Ooooh! Make it Plants vs. Zombies style!

Paul-ene said...

Someone been to the spirit Halloween Store! Can't wait to see your ghoulish fun!

Ps-if you need anymore stuff...gardinroad.com has alot of fun halloween stuff. Martha stewart had her line of stuff on their site too this year. Really fun Halloween stuff and don't forget to check out the fun videos on gardinroad.com halloween. So funny and fun! Love the pirate guy!

Paul-ene said...

oops....I got that link wrong...me bad! sorry!


called grandinroad! sorry! duh!

Arrigorri said...

I'm really worried about you. Don't you think you're incredibly skinny on the first picture of the post?

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

How FUN!! I love decorating for Halloween. Perhaps I will venture in to yard decorating for next year. :) Can't wait to see pics!

Quintano said...

Hey my wife and I are down here in oahu now. had a brief passing with terry oquin and josh holloway. but jorge we would love to actually meet you. your probably busy filming but We would love to just shake hands and grab a quick photo and we would be on our way. my wife and I are huge fans not that all your fans arent. were just 2 of many. We probably wont get a chance to come back to hawaii anytime soon because its so expensive to come here. If we dont get to see you. we wish you the best on your final season. Sincerely,
Anthony Quintano
and Kim Quintano

email aquintano@gmail.com

thought id give the comment section a shot.

Martha Cold said...

hahahahaha Rest in pieces... I love it!!

Anonymous said...

hi Jorge and all
I hope you will be sharing some more of your awesome pumpkin carvings like last year. Gad can't believe it has been a year already.
Will you be having another pumkin carving party? If you do , please more photos, thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi again Jorge

Just came across this website with pics of lots of pumpkins on display at Disneyland California.
Enjoy pumpkin people,



B.R said...

WHY did you do that to Beth? (first pic)
Did she try to kill you with a kitchen knife or what?

KoRoBaRo said...

This will be a weird HaLLoWeeN for us this year. All the main PuMPKiN crops were wiped out! They have to truck them in from other places.

Saeid said...

Dear Jorge!
I love you and your role in Lost.
I hope see you and give a message from you.
I am wait for Lost (Season 6)

Good Luck

Saeid (a iranian fan of you!)

Saeid said...

Dear Jorge!
I love you and your role in Lost.
I hope see you and give a message from you.
I am wait for Lost (Season 6)

Good Luck

Saeid (a iranian fan of you!)

The one and Only said...

What? No zombies? I recommend the Dancing Zombie, better known as the MJ-lookalike from Plants Vs. Zombies.

Yes, I'm still hooked.

P.S. Do you ever sell plants in any of your Zen Gardens? I can't decide whether to let my snail keep harvesting the coins or if I should sell the full-grown to make room for more.

Malea said...

I hate scary Halloween deco's. I love cutsy Halloween deco's. And Lost. I both can and can't wait for Lost. Can't because it's my happy place, Can because it's almost the end.

lost-815 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lost-815 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lost-815 said...

weeee dude :-)
would you like to know a strange think happened to me last night?
well, lets get started:
I dreamed of Terry O'Quinn, John Locke, that come to visiting me and he spoke in a perfect italian.
Then i started to speak about Lost, the monster, the other and about my theories, but he started to talk in english about star trek and admiral Arik Pressman and then i waked up.
Tell me: is all this normal for you or i have seen to mutch episodes of lost? :-)

Lynn Faruque said...

Oh you do this every year!! I can't wait to see what you do this time~~~~does Nunu have a costume? We have never seen Beth wear one I don't think. Hope you guys are doing great.


wehav2gobak said...

Love you Jorge, but in all the time I've been reading your blog, I don't know if I've ever seen you reply to our comments. What gives?

Sara Luque said...

qué guay!

Unknown said...

The last name, Garcia, is now the 8th most popular name in America. You aren't just popular because of lost!
Sorry this had nothing to do with your Halloween pics! I do love those. Post more!

Checkie said...

Just thought you might get a kick out of this. Yahoo had a story on their homepage this morning, and you were listed as #17 on their list of cheap and easy celebrity Halloween costumes.


I'm about your size, if I could find a khaki jumpsuit, I'd dress as Hurley the Dharma cook, too. Instead, I've got vampire makeup and I'm going to be what Edward Cullen would have looked like if he'd eaten Bella.:)

Ana said...

Hi Jorge!!

I'm preparing our Halloween Party and we need lost of stuff too. My friends and I decided to make our own old hospital and become in zombie nurses and doctors.

But I'm posting you a comment because these days we have a spanish journalist (I'm not sure if this is the right word in English) in Hawaii, following the Lost masterclasses, and she has her blog in Cuatro's web. Raquel just post the photos with cast! You can see it in this link:

Kisses from Spain!

Unknown said...

Jorge, ever since you're blog was linked to fark i've been a fan. Enjoy reading what's going on in your life, and it's refreshing to find a celeb that is so down to earth.

Tam said...

I love halloween stuff, sure ur gonna make a scary party!!! :D

Craig and Lori said...

When I saw these pumpkins in the Chicago Tribune, I thought of your Halloween pumpkins: http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/green/chi-carved-pumpkins-pg,0,1039792.photogallery

I didn't know if you saw this or not, but I thought they were pretty sweet.

groovymom said...

Oh I am pathetic....I admit it, I pop in EVERY day - looking for Jorge Halloween updates. You have totally spoiled us with your Halloween offerings in years past. (The spidey wrapped baby will be burned in my brain FOREVER!) Looking forward to your pumpkins & your costume pix.

ps - does Nunu dress up??

Thanks as always - and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Sara Luque said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sara Luque said...

Actualiza pronto Jorge!!
Un beso

OurWanderingAdventures said...

I can't wait to see it!!! We're big on Halloween! It's such a fun holiday!!!

Suz said...

We're in a terrible bind this year, my husband and I. We've got our costumes, but none of our friends have put together a costume party yet. :/ If you're having one, we'll gladly bring some poke, Lil' Smokies, and musubi. Also, you do pumpkin carving? AWESOME!! I'll have to go sift through your archives and take a peek.

Unknown said...

Weeee, too bad here in Croatia Halloween is not that popular :D

Tasha Who? said...

I haven't visited the blog in a while, but since it was halloween, I figured there may be cool jack-o-lanterns on display... The decorations are no doubt fantastic, however!

lisagwilkins said...

Hey Jorge, are y'all havin' everybody over to carve pumpkins like you did last year? I love the ones you did and the ones Josh and Yessica did too, 'course with the baby now, I bet they got their hands full.

iddeau said...

saludos, Ferrol




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nollyposh said...

WoW! My youngest daughter wants you guys to adopt her (She LOVES Halloween and it's not that big over here in AussyLand)...But we still go Trick or Treating ...This year she's a pumpkin!