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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still Growing

Aero Garden is doing fine.
Now there is only one guy I'm waiting to sprout.
C'mon parsley. Why can't you be more like your siblings.

I'm sorry is that pushy? Go ahead. In your own time. You'll pop out when you're ready.


Andrea said...

Hallo Jeorge!!!!
I'm the fist poster also today!!!!
Hurray for me!
A big huge from Italy.

Nene said...

Damn this was kind of a flashback, i thought i saw this post yesterday....

Nikki said...

I really want to try one of those, but I'm waiting to see how yours goes. I didn't get the "upside down tomato hangers" when I saw how badly they went for you lol. I saw them at the store one day and had a "hmmm..." thought. You fixed that lol! Only upright tomoatoes planters.

Topanga said...

Those disk thingies are pretty cool. I don't have very good success with planting seeds. I planted 50 goji berry seeds back in the spring in little peat pots. I tried to follow the directions precisely but they kept dying off. By summer I was down to only 5 which I have since plants outside. I think out of those 5, only a couple are still alive. I am a killer of plants.

Why don't goji berry seeds come in CD form?

Miztification said...

Looks great, Jorge!

Petra said...

I think that when you decide you want to take a break from acting, you may have a career as the new face of a "Consumer Reports" kind of a thing!

How's that toothpaste thingie working out?

: ) P

ReNaTo UêGa said...

This seems Zen Garden's from Plants vs. Zombies.


Eugen Caitaz said...

Jorge! No need to rush it, it's his life! I will soon make a small experiment with plants too!
Enter here:(please)

Unknown said...

That must be a very nice smelling (and delicious~) corner of the house.

Lynn Faruque said...

There you go, give it some tough love!!

Heidi Cocca said...

We got an Aerogarden for Christmas last year and have gone through three different seed packs since then. Everytime there have been one to two pods that do not grow... hopefully that's not the case with your parsley.

yellowdoggranny said...

wow..that is really lovely sweety..you have an artistic touch..move it closer to the sun maybe?

cathescomicz said...

I've been following your garden stuff since the Bonnie Hunt show and I gotta tellya- dirt is awesome. But I get a big kick out of watching your garden grow. (and the art work on the unicorn had me laughing for a few ... wow!) Mahalo amigo

kjm7001 said...

Don't feel bad... Parsley is notoriously hard to grow from seed.

Jules said...

I should have listened to your topsy turvy comments because mine didn't produce. Maybe I'll get an aero garden if yours goes well...

Erin said...

I hope your sage, rosemary and thyme are being more cooperative...

Irma said...

Man I am loving that little garden, it is sooooo pretty. Can you post a picture with your hand on it (or a book, whatever) so I can get a better sense of scale?

tracey said...

don't you mean "more like your "saplings"?
ha! sorry. that was lame. : )

Berny said...

Very cool your Aero Garden.
Be patient whith the little one, he will sprout in any moment.

Saludos desde Argentina Jorge!!
Espero que estes bien.

(Sorry if my english is bad, i'm learning) :P

LOSTabais esperando said...



Sue Wacvet said...

It's been more than 15 days, hasn't it?

James Hernandez said...


Parsley will take its own sweet time. Hmmm something about parsley and that picture from Jed the other day makes me want to say something untoward! However I will refrain!

Alicia said...


I just want you to know how excited I am to see what happens to your character on the final season of LOST. I love that your character has been constant and unchanging. You are an amazing actor and I hope that you have lots more acting opportunities after LOST is wrapped. Thank you for being a great person and the funniest blogger I know. Peace out from Utah,


Dionne said...

I soooo want to grow my own Parsley! I am not what you'd call a Green Thumb though :(

Pablo Wilson said...

Where can I buy that kind of plants?

Pikko said...

I hate growing parsley, they take forever to sprout and by then, you give up and toss the dirt. Oops. D:

Ciaran Llachlan Leavitt said...

well you know what they say about parsley - it has to go down to the Devil and come back up before it sprouts.


jennY said...

wow your garden is so cool! my company invested in those things....pretty neat! jennY

lolamako said...

Just want to reassure you, parsley takes a little longer than other herbs to sprout.

You can:

1)Soak seeds overnight to remove their coating that inhibits germination.
2)Turn off the lights for the first few days. Parsley seeds are inhibited by light.

Once you manage to get it sprouted know that once you have parsley in your yard, you will always have parsley in your yard :)

nollyposh said...

awwhhh nurturing Jorge X;-)

BostonDan said...

Wait - it sprouts in 8-15 days??
That's spooky, man.....

moon said...

Poor little guy, look how he's sweatin it out, trying to grow under pressure like that.

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