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Friday, October 24, 2008

Consumer Test: Topsy Turvy

With my tomato plants I thought I'd try out the Topsy Turvy tomato planter.
It hangs them upside down. So they start to bend around. 
So far it seems to work. But we won't know until the fruit starts to show up.


fran said...

jjajaja, never seen something like this.

i´m suscribed to your blog but never commented before...maybe because i didn´t want to sound like another maniatic lost fan.

your job it´s great, and your blog too ;)

keep it coming!

(disculpas por mi mal inglés. no se si lees español por eso lo intenté en inglés)

Saludos/bye bye!


Apex Zombie said...

What are the supposed benefits for hanging them upside down?

Lisa-Maladylis said...

those are neat but I wonder what happens as the heavy fruit grow and start to pull the plant down again. Will it break the stalks ? I hope you post the results so the rest of us can see if we want to try them when the snow is gone. Very kewl !

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty cool! Not many of my tomatoes make it to ripeness...they're too good fried when they're green!


Jodi said...

I've never seen anything like that before. Very cool. I hope they work for you!

Hope you & Beth have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

How do you find time for all that gardening ?? I just cant find the time for mine... Your plants look cool, I havent seem anything like it either, but they make a nice difference from the ordinary plants. Have a great week end (its already saturday morning here in Denmark now).

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

you failed to mention that the huge line of potted plants along the house is also tomato plants and that the total is somewhere near ONE HUNDRED!

jorge has a tomato problem. please help.

AllBlueZoo said...

Oh my goodness, I love tomatoes but HATE gardening. Well, really gardening hates me! Is "topsy turvy" an infomercial purchase or are they sold in gardening stores? I'm interested to see how your 'maters turn out! I remember being little walking through my grandma's garden w/a salt shaker picking tomatoes and eating them right on the spot!

Uhh, Bethany..if he has problems using those I'll take 'em off his hands! :)

redelf said...

s sort of weird yet cool looking.

Mike said...

Sweet! I heard that those work pretty well. Tomatoes are usually topheavy as it is, so really the topsy turvy planter probably works with the tomatoes better. Celebrity endorsement for topsy turvy planters? lol

Larkin said...

How exciting! I'm growing tomatoes on my patio here in Florida. It's gotten huge, but I'm still waiting on my tomatoes. Let me know if those work, because I've wanted to try one!

Sue Wacvet said...

I appreciate your consumer tests. I was going to buy the foot pad things until you reported on them. And that grass stuff, well, that didn't work very well, did it. I'm curious to see how these tomatoes fair. Thanks.

James Hernandez said...


I'm thinking that you may want to orient them on the side of the house where they will face the least wind. I know you get some doozy winds on the island.

Nikki said...

Those look really cool! We use lots of tomatoes, so I am definitely interested in hearing how they work for you. I'm thinking that you guys , like my boyfriend, are tomato fiends, lol. Have you tried the yellow grape toms?? Very sweet and tasty!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jorge, don't you just love that tomato hanger!! I have two at my place in Houston and they did fine up 'til a damn 'possum climbed up there and pulled the whole thing down...I'm gonna try mine again next year, but 'til then, I'm just leavin' it be, which is a good thing, 'cause with that storm hittin' us head on, it'd have been airborne anyway.

Anonymous said...

I just thought of somethin' else...make sure you keep 'em good and watered and getcha some tomato food at Walmart and feed 'em every week. Like I said, mine were huge and about 4 feet long until the damn 'possum messed them up. And make sure you're hangin' 'em on a screw hook so they don't fall. Once they're about 3 feet long and real bushy, they can fall real easy.

Kitty said...

Just ran across this blog and would like to know myself it these things produce tomatoes or not. I bought 2 last week and am trying to get a stand put together that will hold them. I was going to put them under the eve of the house like in the photo, but I didn't feel like they would get enough sun. All of the posts seem to be somewhat old and I don't see that anyone has posted as to whether or not they got any tomatoes or how many, etc.... If anyone can respond, it would be appreciated.

Lisa-Maladylis said...

hey Kitty, he posted the results here. http://dispatchesfromtheisland.blogspot.com/2008/11/consumer-test-results-topsy-turvy.html
said they were terrible and didn't work at all.

From CS_n_LA said...

For everyone here. Yes, this does work and no it doesn't break the vines as the gradual weight of the fruits just cause it to straighten out as the fruits grow bigger.

I have never purchased one of these, and probably never will. So how do I know it works? We've been doing this with old 5 gallon buckets for over 15 years.

I Bucket is more work...You have to clean it out, make the hole yourself, and it's probably not as easy to insert the plant but I bet my buckets last a whole lot longer. :)

From CS_n_LA said...

OH, the benefits...

Less water, no contraption to try and hold them upright, no bending and stooping, no weeding, and for us, because we live in an area prone to cotton mouths (South Louisiana), nowhere for snakes to hide. :)

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