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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And Nunu Makes a Fresh Kill


Avinash said...

Nice one, Nunu, that was pretty good. I think it's about time you move onto small children...

GeryKo said...

Buenas Jorge, soy de España y quería saber si con el nombre que tienes sabes mi idioma... LOST es la mejor serie jamas creada, pero ahora con el parón... uff! Saludos,

redelf said...

I dont know how you live with such a monstrous hunter in your home!!!

Desmond said...

Nunu is better than Vincent xD

Tiffany Noélli said...

Dear Jorge... Beautiful dog! Ela é muito fofa. Também sou apaixonada por animais, tenho uma Rottweiler, que se chama Hanna... Amo seu blog, sempre é bom entrar aqui! A great and happy week! Kisses... =)

Is it sync'd yet? said...



Give it the time.


anrki said...

hey kids!
i wonder if you had nunu in LA and had to go through the whole rabies test n stuff or if you got nunu over there?
im stranded in LA with godzilla, ill put a pic on my page.
anyway, i wonder if you did bring the nunu, did you get some kinda rockstar/secret local sneak through the rabies crap?

bertas said...

Your dog is absolutely gorgeous :)
My dog was never that big on toys, he does love kitchen cloths for some reason... and he used to love tucking his bones into different pots of plants, newspapers heaps and book shelves... he thought we wouldn't find them there...

Irishcoda said...

Uh oh, is this what they call cannibalism or dogabalism or something?

1001 Petals said...

That is the cutest dog!!

Please Type Legibly said...

Did you name him for the chihuahua on "The Dog Whisperer"? He was a killer, too....LOL

Hannah said...

Awww cute dog. :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Hernandez said...


Gosh NuNu's vicious and premeditated assault on a stuffed toy reminds me of my german shepard playing rough with me, thankfully I was wearing hockey gloves. Although the result to the hockey gloves was probably similar to that of the plush toy.

Topanga said...

meh... your dog has made the kill until she's degloved the thing. My dog destroyed every single plush toy we gave her by systematically chewing a hole in them and pulling out all the stuffing to get to the heart (the squeaker). That is until we discovered the "Suspicious Chicken" dog toy. It comes highly recommended by Jodie the Wonder Dog!

Anonymous said...

aw, cute! Is that a squirrel toy?

Shiro said...

Owwwwn! Is so cute! How old is she?

jen said...

HIDE-A-SQUIRREL!!! I got that for my dogs, and one of them just loves it, and totally gets that there are squirrels in there to dig out. The other just plays with the stump. :P

Sue Wacvet said...

Nunu is so cute. Squeaky toys only last about 10 minutes at my house. Once the squeaker is gone, the toy is trash!

TheUnity (Siv) said...

Loool, looks like your Doggy made a kill of that Polar Bear on the Island, =P

Anyway, just wanted to give you the heads up that Nunu beats Vincent by miles!

Miss Scarlett said...

I don't know...that other dog looks like he's kinda enjoying 'the kill'.

Kira (my dog) loves to shred stuffies - til their squeaker is gone. Than they're old news.

ROSA said...

Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh, is your dog?

Anonymous said...

i love your dog!!! it's fantastic!!!!
also i'm the fan n° 1 of lost in italy, and i think that you are great !!!

Jodi said...

Awww Nunu!!! She is too cute.

Blogadicta said...

Hey, Nunu rules! if you want i can knit a kitty for Nunu to kill.Just ask for that in my blog or email me and i´ll send you one! ^_^
Te lo he escrito mas o menos en ingles por si no me entiendes en Español, me gusta mucho tu perrito Nunu, y si quieres que teja un gatito para que Nunu juegue con el, solo dimelo posteando en mi blog o mandame un mail y encantada te lo envio. ^_^

Gevalher said...

Cuddling cute animals can't bear any competition!

My own cat Thomas, cannot bear the sight of one small stuffed cat, so it suffered the same destiny!

Nice pics, Jor

Rachel Snyder said...

I stumbled onto your blog, and I just have to say that your dog is such a cutie! Thanks for posting. Unable to have any pets of my own at the moment, I never pass up the opportunity to enjoy the antics of other people's furry friends :)

Monrroy said...

Hola soy de Chile y soy fanatico de Lost (para variar)

encontré este blog de pura casualidad, aprovechando que ya estoy aquí te mando saludos viejo y te deseo lo mejor

a y si puedes dale saludos a Evangeline Lilly de mi parte jejeje

oye y si no es mucho pedir agregame al msn: colt.90@gmail.com

saludos desde Chile

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