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Friday, September 5, 2014

30 Day Drawing Challenge 20-24

Ok I don't know if I fixed the comments thing and no one cares to leave comments (I know it's only a few of you) or if it's still not working but either way I'm moving on.

Day 20: A Robot (Any size, for any purpose)
This basically started with the idea of the robot holding those bamboo toast tongs. I just thought it was a cute idea, I mean he's a robot what's he afraid of getting burned. (Okay maybe electrocuted.)

Day 21: Your Most Influential Mentor (As a Jedi Master)
My acting teacher Milton Katselas. As a bonus I'm including my first attempt. In the end I thought simplicity would be a better route. (That and "make him more like Yoda.")

22. A battle suit designed for doing something completely mundane
This was just a target of the day. I had a friend coming to visit so I had to clean the toilets. The main selling feature for me is the face guard and the old timey catcher's pads for cushion.

 23. Your zodiac sign as a great warrior or wizard.
I thought making Taurus a warrior would be the obvious choice so I went wizard. Yeah the pants are silly. But this is where I started playing around with a glowing effect in Sketch Club. I wish I thought of it when I was drawing the light sabers.

24. A pirate (space, sea, desert, etc.)
Still playing with the glowing effect. It's just a air brush effect in a bright color. Kinda dig it.


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