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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What you DIDN'T see at the Emmys

My red carpet soft shoe routine.


Fat Lazy Guy said...

No need for watermark removal this time, nice ;)

Cha cha!

Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

Toooo cute.

beata said...

I left you message

Monika Poland

Jenea said...

You are trying to repeat the Moonwalk???

bethany james leigh shady said...

Tea for two and two for tea :)

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Jorge and Bethy, Bethy and Jorge!
Very elegant!
But... where's Nunu? =P


B.R said...

Would it kill you to take the dog with you, Mr. Garcia?

roxanna said...

I see they caught you at your best :)

Eve said...

You both look great. She is adorable BTW!

Ralph- said...

Tea for toot and toot for tea


you look very pleased with your self..as well you should be.

Alexandria said...

Maybe there could be a special song and dance episode of LOST. We already know you can sing!

James Hernandez said...


Calling Fred Astaire!

AlYaGotADo said...

Cute, how about a video? Did you see the video of you and Michael E. on the red carpet?

I love you two together.

By the way I read your girlfriend's blog. Tell her she looked great at the Emmy's! Really great!

Mary said...

I LOVE Beth's dress!

HaDa said...

Hola Jorge, me preguntaba si tienes twitter. Un saludo desde españa. x cierto genial tu acento cubano jeje.


Dr Mum said...

How lucky are you?
Your girl is beautiful and it is all

wharfrat said...

Looking good.

laurie said...

Doing the quickstep there, eh Jorge?

Jenny said...

Awesome, Luv it!


Michelle said...

lol, a friend of mine did that in his prom pic from high school, we made fun of him for ages.

you both look great. I love her dress, can you mention who its by?

eze said...

nice pose :D

Saludos desde Argentina!

Jiggly J. Groventhol Slickwood the 1st said...

Is it funny when people say "Hey Jorge" I'm kiddin'

Christina Bauer said...

You two are so cute! Much love!

KoRoBaRo said...

HuRLeY is KiNG!! You have a FoXY LaDY on your arm there, MaN!

KoRoBaRo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judy in Indiana said...

You look handsome and beth is lovely. As for the parsley, who needs it anyway? I never see it do anything but garnish other things really. Not a lot of flavor there so I could let it go.

You should ask around the set and see who Jed's fave character is. Show off your picture and see who else got one.

AllBlueZoo said...

Totally off topic and not related to this post...but I name dropped your blog at a book signing for Cake Wrecks last night...your's and Bethany's. I think you can expect at least 2 new readers!

Amanda said...

By the way, Jorge - You're a pumpkin now (ran across this when perusing the daily blogroll)!


Jessie At Home! said...

Aww...aren't you two adorable? I love Beth's dress, very classy.
Thanks for the giggle, too!

nollyposh said...

Hee! Hee!

J.D. said...

nice :D

Laura Caçoeiro said...

Your girlfriend was beutiful.

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Goof said...

:D I love Beths dress too!! Mostly of course because I love Blue. hee hee.

You two look fabulous together!


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