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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wardrobe fitting today

Today is a my wardrobe fitting for LOST. I don't have a script yet. But apparently I do have clothes.

I actually asked an executive producer what happens in this first episode so that I know what we're talking about when we're going through the clothes.


DarkUFO said...

... and more importantly what did they tell you about the 1st episodes :) We're all dying to know with this big hiatus

lyly ford said...

finally you made your lost diary great idea dude :)
please tell us something, this hiatus is killing us lol
thanks for your update today :)

Haley said...

Jorge you rock! Sorry, I just felt a need to say that, epecially cause you may read it.
I named one of my frogs after your character! (the other one is Charlie, they're buds)

Jake C. said...

Come on people, you can't expect him to give away too much... and he's probably not allowed either :D

And Jorge - won't you be wearing Hurley's usual clothes? :D

2costa said...

ive been fiending so much for lost i have been watching Becker and pretending its a hugo flashback

Deneph said...

Forget about what's going to be happening, tell us what you're wearing! :o)

AmishVomitCake said...

Who needs a script? Just stand in front of the camera and look pretty, dammit.


evca said...

hi Jorge, how are you???:)

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